Big Chris Berry featured on “Behind the Awesome”

Our friend Big Chris Berry had his brush with internet stardom last year, when the video of his winning run at the Bladesports Middle Tennessee Cut went viral. Both the video on the People Are Awesome page and a humorous parody by the Ozzy Man have more than 1.6 Million views apiece. Video: Big Chris Berry wins […]

Spree stabbing in Austria wounds 4; arrest made

There was a spree stabbing in Vienna Austria Wednesday night, which left 3 members of the same family seriously injured. A 4th man nearby was also stabbed. From “According to eyewitnesses a man has attacked three persons — a man, his wife and their adult daughter,” police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer told The Associated Press. […]

500 year old katana found in shrine’s “attic”

My attic is only full of cellulose insulation and vacuum bags of old clothes. It hasn’t produced so much as a small knife, let alone a 500 year old samurai sword. The attic of the Kasuga Taisha shrine is much, much cooler than mine. From The sword appears to be in very good condition, showing […]