London Mayor grilled by radio host over out-of-control violence

Despite their rampant hoplophobia, one thing the Brits get right is their holding of political figures to account. Most famously, the Prime Minister regularly stands in front of the House of Commons and faces pointed questioning and more than a little heckling from the assembled Parliamentarians. Similarly, the British press does a much better job […]

Open Thread 1/4/18

It is the first time I have written (typed) the year, and I got it right. Small victories. I have had a hard time staying on top of the backlog with the kids home, but here is a bunch of the backlog. Talk amongst yourselves…   NEW FROM WHITE RIVER: Kydex Survival Sheath (via AmmoLand) […]

The Ultimate Fish-Knife

We are not talking about a hand-crafted Yanagi ba from Murray Carter, though that would be a wonderful tool to use. This knife is literally the Ultimate Fish-knife. It is made from dried, hardened tuna. From Sploid: Katsuobushi—repeatedly smoked, fermented fish—holds the record as the hardest food on earth, bearing more in common by the end of […]