Review: Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener

When I think of Work Sharp, the excellent Ken Onion Work Sharp (read review here) springs to mind, but the company also makes conventional, yet modern, manual sharpeners. Enter the Pocket Knife Sharpener, a pocket sized (who’da thunk) unit combining a 320-grit diamond plate and ceramic hone. Is it as effective and easy to use […]

Mail Call Monday: A fistfull of Kizers

As I mentioned in my Day 2 Blade Show coverage, I am pleased to be making inroads with the larger Chinese knife companies. No longer the (legitimate) punchline in knife jokes, they are instead pushing the American manufacturers to up their game. Or at least they ought to be. American companies such as CRKT or […]

Divers discover 500 year old sword in Norwegian lake

I first came across the news of this remarkable find from a Norwegian source, and it was a bit comical in its details. From A sword found by divers in Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake, may have belonged to a powerful person in the 1500s. The sword is likely to have been used in battle […]

Knife Review: Laguiole Honoré Durand

Welcome to the final chapter of TTAK’s “Semaine Laguiole”  or Laguiole Week as it were. We introduced many of you to the classic pattern with Monday’s “Know Your Knives” post. We had a Nightly Knife Porn post featuring many makers’ examples of the style. We rand a “5 from the Grinder” with Christophe Durand, brother […]

Happy Independence Day, and an essay reprised…

Happy Birthday America! Well, sort of. Just declaring themselves free was only an opening chapter. Freedom had to be won. Last year, Knife Rights asked Ethan Becker to pen an essay of his thoughts on America’s Independence Day.  Chairman Doug Ritter gave his thoughts this year, which you can read here, but sharing this year’s […]