Open Thread 11/15/17

Howdy folks. I found a ton of material today, most of which seems like it doesn’t rise to the level of a standalone post. On the other hand, it means that tonight’s Open Thread will be especially robust, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you missed the thread from the last couple of […]

Open Thread 11/13/17 – UPDATED

UPDATE 11/14/17: SCROLL DOWN FOR ORIGINAL POST. Newest links appear towards the top of the page: DENVER KNIFEMAKER HAYDEN KESSEL PROFILED IN 5280 MAGAZINE: The avid outdoorsman, home cook, and woodworker made his first knife in 2014. While studying art at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, he was drawn to the idea of “designing something functional—in […]

The Advantages of Serrated Edges

Besides striking some people as uniquely beautiful, a strong, high-quality serrated blade can be a pleasure to use.  A common myth about serrated blades is that they’re less useful and a pain to sharpen. In reality, most people simply don’t know how to sharpen them, so they get intimidated—and they’re missing out. There’s a reason the most trusted cutlery companies continue to […]