The Budget Blade Show Perspective

(Editor’s Note: We at TTAK are happy to welcome our newest contributor – Tim Stetzer. David and I have known Tim for several years now, in my case first meeting him at Dogwood Dan Eastland’s Saturday night dinner party. He is a respected freelance writer, with work appearing in the former Tactical Knives magazine, Knives […]

Montana woman forces Ex into machete-point sex

I am not sure whether this should be filed under “Axes, Hatchets, and Machetes”, “Crime and Punishment”, or “Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day”. I suppose I should embrace the healing power of the word “and”. A Montana woman has been charged with burglary and aggraveted assault. Strangely, not with rape. From The Smoking Gun: […]

Who needs a “gravity knife”? Woman stabs fellow rider with high-heel in subway brawl

Since rape-enabling Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.  seems determined to rid his borough of dangerous objects such as common pocket knives, he might want to begin a campaign against women’s shoes as well. A brawl broke out on a recent Queens-bound subway ride, and an unknown woman stabbed a stranger in the head with her high-heel shoe. […]