Peak Joerg? Hand-held Saw Blade Trebuchet

  If Joerg Sprave calls a build “Ridiculous. Useless. Dangerous”, it will probably make a good video. The proprietor of the Slingshot Channel on YouTube has been harrassed, defamed, and even put in YouTube jail for one of his videos illustrating the inadequacy of UK “stab-resistant” vests. He pokes a bit a of fun at […]

The KA-Bar Story Continues: Video featurettes with Rick Hinderer, Jesse Jarosz, and more.

As part of the 120th anniversary of the company that would become KA-Bar Knives, the company has comissioned a series of videos documenting the company’s history. The full, 4-part documantary can be seen here. However, the documentary is not the only video feature being circulated. There are also mini-featurette interviews with various designers, industry figures, […]

Defensive Nunchuck Use: Security guard takes out knife-wielding perp

Defensive Nunchuck Use? Yes, it can happen. Against a knife-wielding perpetrator nonetheless. From FoxOKC: Thompson had allegedly been staying with residents at the complex and having issues with drugs. While delivering the pamphlets the man noticed Thompson coming towards him with a steak knife in each hand. Thompson reportedly stated he was “not leaving” and […]