Joy Behar hospitalized for “Avocado Hand” injury

The innocuous green fruit strikes again. This time “comedienne”  Joy Behar of The View suffered the self-inflicted knife-wound known as Avocado Hand. From Page 6: “Saturday night, on my way to the event at the retreat, I stabbed myself in the hand with a knife,” she explained. “I was trying to desperately eat something, so I […]

TTAK News Digest 6/11/18

Howdy folks.  I will get back to post-Blade Show coverage shortly, but here is some of what has been going on in the mean time.   LONDANISTAN: Driver stabbed by moped thugs with zombie knife for his £30k watch  The 27-year-old financial manager, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Sun Online: “They put hammers through […]

Knife attack on Japanese bullet-train kills 1; wounds 2

The normal clockwork-efficiency of the Japanese rail system was disrupted when a 22 year old passenger began a random stabbing attack on his fellow passengers. From ABC News: Police said they apprehended Ichiro Kojima, 22, after the train made an unscheduled stop late Saturday at Odawara station west of Tokyo following an emergency call that […]