Palestinian “Expert”: “Knife attacks are not terror”

“A knife is not a firearm”. You can’t argue with that. Maybe grasping this obvious fact is what qualifies this individual as an “expert”. Pretty much every other sound uttered is pathologically false.

An organized stabbing campaign waged on civilians is not terror?. Sure it isn’t as dramatic as the Paris ISIS attack, but it is Islamic terrorism nonetheless. One would imagine that Israelis are watching their backs at every moment, the stress of which is most certainly because they are being terrorized. These attacks are virtually a daily event. So common in fact that we don’t cover them all. But the Knife Intifada is real, and it is one front on the fight against global Islamism.


  1. boardsnbikes says:

    Well, then, here’s something else we can all agree on: a JDAM is not a firearm.

  2. samurichatter says:

    That is why knives were chosen for this intifada. They have used bombs and guns before. This is theater all day. The image of a Palestinian civilian w/ the most meager of weapons taking on a superior foe [and getting shot in the process] casts him/her as an underdog. And my socialist indoctrination tells me that the underdog (oppressed, poor, disenfranchised, etc) is always and all just and the opposition is always and all bad.

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Palestinian “Expert”: “Knife attacks are not terror”

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