Palestinian Jihadists release another “Stab Jews” video.

Once again Palestinians are inciting to commit acts of terror against innocent Israeli civilians. Their newest “educational” video: How to kill an Israeli.

Posted by Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What we and others have described as the “Knife Intifada” has been underway for some time now. We have been covering Palestinian knife attacks on Israelis over the past year (here, here, and more). This violence has increased dramatically in the past few weeks, with multiple attacks almost daily. Some are starting to call this outbreak of attacks a third intifada (uprising), marking a significant breakdown of any prospect for peace. Things getting so heated that the Jerusalem Post is running a real-time update of breaking attack news. There have been at least a half dozen knife attacks alone today, plus rocks and gunfire.

The video above comes from the IDF Facebook Page and is not the first Palestinian instructional video for would-be knife-jihadis. They put out a formal “how-to” earlier this year. The one above is less instructional and more “inspirational”, glorifying stabbing Jews in the back. Israel cannot make peace with people who openly call for its destruction, and openly call for stabbing Jews in the streets.

It is the editorial position of TTAK that we stand in support of the only liberal Democracy in the region. We stand in support of a society that honors, religious freedom, woman’s rights, gay rights, freedom of speech and the rule of law. The Islamists that run Gaza and the West Bank do none of these things. In fact their leaders profit from the violence, amassing fortunes from moneys earmarked for humanitarian aid, while training children to become cannon-fodder in a war that is openly waged on Israeli civilians.

Of course some anti-semites already believe the Jews run America, but that is ridiculous. If the Jews really ran America, would we be $14 trillion in debt?”

While the above video makes light of a horrible situation, the best parody has notes of truth. This brings me to a tangential nugget of news. As I have mentioned, I geek-out on the analytics from the site. It has happened on a couple of occasions where some of our work has been linked/cited on a white supremacist site which will remain nameless. In this latest instance they were citing our coverage of knife attacks in China in the context of speaking out against possible executive gun-control threats from President Obama. While there might be 2nd Amendment issues such as that where TTAK and the audience of that site overlap, we at TTAK categorically stand against the overwhelming majority of that which they espouse.

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‘The smallest minority on Earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be the defenders of minorities” – Ayn Rand.



  1. Sam L. says:

    Great Klaven vid!

  2. samuraichatter says:

    “Of course some anti-semites already believe the Jews run America, but that is ridiculous. If the Jews really ran America, would we be $14 trillion in debt?”

    Not that I agree w/ racists or their websites (Stormfront?) but at least articulate their point(s) fairly Klavan. Define “we”? Ha Judeneim is separate from Ha Goyim and I pretty sure the Talmud agrees w/ them on this one.

    And you know that Ayn Rand was Jewish right? I am pretty sure that white supremacists will let that fact get in the way of anything she said.

    And yeah Palestinians . . . They have used rockets, bombs, firebombs, guns, and rockets but I am wondering why blades and why now.

    1. But yes, ancestrally she was a Russian Jew.

    2. Ayn was almost as militantly atheist as she was anti collectivist. But yeah, she is not going to convince our hooded “friends” to see the indefensible nature of their position.

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Palestinian Jihadists release another “Stab Jews” video.

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