Paracord wrapping my ESEE Izula.

One of my knife acquisitions this weekend was a modern classic – the ESEE Izula. I have wanted one, but just never seemed to get around to buying it. I was given one this weekend, by the folks at Knife Rights, and couldn’t wait to come home and play with it.

The Izula II comes standard with micarta scales (read David’s review here) The knife is reasonably ergonomic in its skeletonized form, but many people add scales – like these by Lahammade, or wrap the handle in paracord. I prefer paracord on a neck knife, as scales tend to be too bulky and print through my shirt.

I decided to look on YouTube where there are dozens of videos on wrapping an Izula, so I watched one and got to work. Like any paracord project I have done, it takes a couple of tries to learn the stitch. The key to this one is to always take the bottom strand over, around and back, at which point it is now the top strand. Repeat with the new bottom strand.

This video from KnifeCenter is the one I used. I didn’t bother with the longer ones since this worked.

Of course there are more complex ways to wrap an Izula, like this one:

The Izula II in the video has 1/2″ longer handle, but the wrap pattern still would work on the shorter Izula.

I didn’t use them here, but I highly recommend the JigPro paracord needles for bracelets and other “Cobra Knot” projects.


  1. Sam L. says:

    It looks slick!

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Paracord wrapping my ESEE Izula.

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