Paul Foster vs. The Zucchini

In one corner: chef Paul Foster, ready to show his stuff in the CCS-MAC Knives’ speed cutting competition. In the other corner: an approximately 14″ zucchini insouciantly wrapped in PVC film. We recently saw a good example of poor kitchen knife-handling form. Here, things are handled on a more professional level. Though make sure to stick around for the instant replay on the Knife Cam. Note that long patch of missing skin on the back of Chef Paul’s index finger. As always, a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. But when you’re tearing through a long, slim squash at a rate of 4.6 slices per second, the slightest mistake or break in concentration can cost you.


  1. Mark N. says:

    looks like he sliced on the first cut when he took the end off the cucumber. (Yes, English cucumber)

  2. DrewN says:

    I’ll chime in and say the MAC “Original” series 9″ slicer/chef’s (CK 90) ($83) has been my go to work knife for over 10 years now. Inexpensive, sharp, handles great, and the rounded tip keeps accidental stabbings (by far the way I catch myself the most) to a minimum. I also have the SBK-95 “Ultimate” ($330) at home, for the times I prefer a little more European heft. Ridiculously sharp, but you can turn the edge if you’re not careful. For those looking for a razor edge for not alot of cash check out BSC-85 , the nonstick coated Sushi knife for around $90. You wouldn’t want to use it as your main knife, but for the times you need a really sharp knife it’s unbeatable. Love,love MAC knives, by far my favorite line of commercial knives.

  3. Sam L. says:

    I used to have one (or more?) of the original MAC knives in the late ’60s or early ’70s. Can’t remember why or when I got rid of them.

  4. Mark N. says:

    I still have all but one of the knives I received as wedding gifts 26 years ago. Tridents. Only added two paring knives and a finer 8″ since.

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Paul Foster vs. The Zucchini

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