Peak Hipster: Nordic miniature shaving axe

shaving axe

I will refrain from gratuitous hipster-bashing here, having faced a fair deal of criticism for having done so in the past. Instead, I will sit here quietly and let folks tee off in the comments themselves. In fact, there might well be a prize for the funniest comment relating to this latest item from the Depths of Uselessness – The Viking Celtic Nordic style straight razor warrior axe.

From the description on Amazon:

Straight razor warrior axe in Viking Celtic Nordic style is an original men’s gift.
Axe Razor is made by hand with the handcarving wooden box. The old world axe razor can become unforgettable present.
It is a real straight razor. It is sharp. It is made of tempered steel
This men’s present will not remain unnoticed since this item is not only hansome souvenier but also practical and useful stuff for everyday care.
Completely handmade. Shaves good as common straight razor!
Steel: tempered HRC 56,58.
Handle: beech wood, carving, copper or brass, waxed cord.
Box: wood, carving, brass.
The size of an axe: 10 cm. x 5 cm.

According to the item’s single review, it would make quite the present for Yule:

The craftsmanship of this item is absolutely stunning! My husband is going to flip when he gets this for Yule! The work and effort that went into this item and how fast it got to me! I can’t praise this item and the craftsman enough. Communication was great, delivery was early and did I mention fast? I paid for expedited shipping but this wasn’t created until I ordered it and again, the item is breathtaking and gorgeous! I’ll submit photos after Yule.


I will pass thank you. I dislike shaving enough with instruments designed for the purpose. Besides, my face and axes don’t mix.




(h/t DudeIWantThat)






  1. Erik says:

    Amazon doesn’t identify what the steel is. I was going to say it is a waste of good steel but I have to amend that to waste of something tempered (if you can believe that.)
    For $125, I would hope it falls into the “expensive, bad gifts that women buy men” category. Unfortunately there is probably at least one male that has bought it.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I took a look at “Dude, I want that” and found they don’t have anything I want. Still, I was amused by it, so got my money’s worth!

  3. Jason says:

    A real Norseman wouldn’t dare shave off his manly mane! The Norse/Vikings were well kept, groomed and hygienic people, but shaving clean was not very common in their culture.

  4. TheStoic says:

    That “warrior” in the pic is straight up dry shaving with it too. I hope it comes with a Viking Celtic Nordic styptic pencil.

    1. gbear says:

      At least he doesn’t have a DI making him dry shave while jumping up and down. Good times.

  5. cmeat says:

    i’m so damn hip i dragged my family to see this guy.
    pretty sure the object of this musical observation would be a deserving recipient.

    as for the rest of the undersized shirt/ flood pants crew (the dick measuring hops comment was spot on) as far as this tool (the shaving axe, not me) is concerned i believe it’s time to bury the hatchet.

  6. Belial Issimo says:

    Futhark that.

    1. lkreinitz says:

      I see what you did there!

  7. Herr Morgenholz says:

    But can it spread avocado on toast?

  8. Lord Whorfin says:

    Next step: Samurai sword for circumcisions

  9. Sam L. says:

    Instapundit linked at 5PM.

  10. John Smallberries says:

    It’s only Celtic, Nordic and Viking? Well, my buddy has a Celtic, Nordic, Viking and Saxon shaving axe, so there. It’s one better.

  11. Gridlock says:

    I desperately want to be a man.

    I guess I could go out, get a job, find a nice woman, get married, have kids, buy a house and take on my adult responsibilities, then I would be a man…

    Heck, that sounds like a lot of work!

    I know, I’ll just shave with an axe!

  12. Mike H. says:

    I’d get one, but it would only be for cleaning my bear shirt.

  13. tokyov says:

    Real men shave with tomahawks.

  14. vikingsdonthavehorns says:

    My sense of fairness compels me to admit that a bearded axe razor makes sense on some level, and that hipster men likely don’t what a bearded Axe is.

  15. Norman says:

    And don’t forget the Axe after shave lotion…

  16. Luke says:

    The weight would be >1000x that of a disposable razor. Thus, no serious hiker would EVER consider carrying one of these. Hence, anyone who carries one of these into the woods is not a competent hiker.

  17. Sam says:

    That’s not “hipster”. Hipsters shave with “vintage” straight razors and safety razors (although that alone does not make one a hipster). That’s just “Stupid Items Made to be Bought as Gifts by People Who Couldn’t Think of Anything Better”. It’s an extensive category, easily a multi-billion dollar industry, selling almost universally worthless (and often expensive) junk that will never be used.

  18. Vendetta says:

    All of those hours logged on Skyrim in Moms basement will finally come to fruition!

  19. Mike says:

    If I was going to shave, I might be convinced to shave with an axe. But not that puny little baby axe. Let me strop up my Gransfors Bruks and do a little trimming!

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Peak Hipster: Nordic miniature shaving axe

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