Peak Joerg? Hand-held Saw Blade Trebuchet

saw bllde trebuchet


If Joerg Sprave calls a build “Ridiculous. Useless. Dangerous”, it will probably make a good video. The proprietor of the Slingshot Channel on YouTube has been harrassed, defamed, and even put in YouTube jail for one of his videos illustrating the inadequacy of UK “stab-resistant” vests.

He pokes a bit a of fun at this in the video, and bends over backwards to make sure that it is obvious that his video has sponsors/patrons, because German authorities are trying to find any excuse to shut him down.

But for now Jeorg hasn’t been completely deplatformed. So support our favorite master of mayhem and give this video a view.








  1. stuartb says:

    You can’t keep a good man down

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Peak Joerg? Hand-held Saw Blade Trebuchet

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