Pearce Knives: Objets D’Art Or Functional Blades?

(Update 12/27/16 – Read the comments and buyer beware. Apparently Mr. Pearce has horrible customer service at the very least. Caveat Emptor)

Courtesy Pearce KnivesNo, that’s not a Photoshop. And it’s not some bizarre Rene Magritte or Salvador Dali surrealist painting either. It’s a 3/4″ box-end wrench, transformed into a knife by Pearce Knives. As cool as it looks (and as much of a visual double-take it inspires) it brings a few salient questions to mind…

First, are they available in all metric and English sizes? What about British Standard Wentworth sizes? Do I get a discount if I order a whole set? I don’t mess with cars as much as I used to, but these would be the coolest set of wrenches ever in the history of ever.

Image courtesy Pearce Knives

More realistically, does Pearce do something to these steels to make them good working knife blades? Rebar steel is far too soft to make a decent blade, and it’s going to rust like the dickens unless (I’m taking a metallurgical guess here) you introduce a bunch more carbon and chromium into the metal and then give it a good heat-treating.

Don’t get me wrong; I think these look so neat that I wouldn’t really care if they were the sharpest, hardest knives I’d ever owned. But they sure wouldn’t live up to their looks if they couldn’t hold an edge.

And (duh) we’d love to get one for testing. These ‘Remnant’ knives only cost $40 to $100, but Pearce has shut down their manufacture for a while as they remodel their workshop. Rats.


  1. Eric says:

    I’m no expert but I would think the steel used to make a wrench would be hard enough to make a decent blade. That being said, I can’t imagine these knives being very functional. They are nice to look at though.

  2. jwm says:

    That’s one of those items you buy for sh!ts and giggles. No real practical use, but this is America, it doesn’t have to do anything but make you happy.

  3. foggy says:

    It’s Whitworth, not Wentworth. I only know because I had to buy a set to work on my 1953 Matchless.

  4. Aharon says:

    They’re artistic.

  5. Augur says:

    The wrench knife looks like some funky assassin blade that would be packed unassumingly in a toolbelt as the user poses as a mechanic or something. You could hook your pinky through the head of the wrench for quick retrieval. It would look good for a movie, at the very least.

  6. Aharon says:

    I saw a killing blade at the Portland Gun Show that had been grounded down from a tool file. The edge was serrated and if used would deliver some terrible wounds.

    1. jwm says:

      My uncle used to make knives from old files and the leaf springs off of cars. He said they were high quality steel. He was a machinist by trade and in his spare time he made hunting knives.

      1. Aharon says:

        That’s great. I wish I had those common-sense trade skills.

  7. Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Wrenches are often made from chrome-vanadium steels (61xx AISI #’s) and it can be worked pretty well.

    Many file steels are simple carbon steels 10xx (like 1095) and have been used for making knives for a long time. The corrode easily, as all simple carbon steels do. Simple carbon steels require lots of attention to the heat treating, because they’ll harden through, resulting in a blade that can break/snap easily under stress, so the blades will need to be drawn back. The care needed in the heat treatment means that making a good knife from simple, high-carbon steels isn’t a beginner’s job.

    Rebar comes in several grades, the most common is “grade 60” or ASTM A 615 steel. It’s a mild carbon steel. Most any steel can be used to make a knife, and if it isn’t hard enough to hold an edge, you can case harden it.

    Leaf spring steel is sometimes AISI 5160 steel and it can make a very nice blade. Been there, done that. Worked well for my lowbrow efforts.

    1. Aharon says:

      You never cease to amaze me 🙂

    2. Max says:

      Are you by any chance looking for a young person to apprentice for you?

      1. Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

        Gunsmithing rarely pulls in enough revenue to hire apprentices unless the gunsmithing operation is attached to a large sporting goods retail operation. Our operation is gunsmithing alone.

        That said, if you’re interested in making or working on knives, apprenticing for a blacksmith is a better road to go.

    3. Chris Dumm says:

      DG, you quickly become an indispensable resource for anything you comment on. Welcome!

  8. Jason says:

    Knife wrench!! For kids!

    1. Nigil says:

      +1 for janitor reference.

  9. Jake F. says:

    I have a knife made from a railroad spike. It spends most time put up but doesn’t seem to want to rust like you would expect and it holds a pretty decent edge.

  10. Logan Pearce says:

    Oooooh! I can answer these questions. lol.

    What Dyspeptic Gunsmith said is true. The wrenches that I use are made from are chrome-vanadium. It does make a good blade and isn’t very hard to harden and keep an edge.

    However my Rebar knives aren’t made from normal rebar that you would get at Home Depot or something like that. I have contracts with a few rebar companies, that make high carbon rebar. One even makes stainless steel rebar, but they are based in Canada and I haven’t actually used it. I stick with the high carbon rebar, because a knife is suppose to be a tool first and foremost. Even if I do like to have fun and make them from common place objects. lol

    Logan Pearce

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      Is your shop back up and running yet? It looks like we’ve found you a few new orders already 🙂

      1. Logan Pearce says:

        Not yet. lol. I’ll be uploading videos and stuff on my website once I do have it up and running. Mainly work in progress or tutorial videos while in the shop. I think it is suppose to be finished at the end of next month.

  11. J says:

    Just as a warning to anybody thinking about purchasing from Logan Pearce. There is a large chance he will not deliver whatever you order. Oh, he will take your money and not return calls. I placed an order with him and experienced just this as others have. Just a fair warning to any potential customers out there. Don’t get scammed by this guy like me and many others have been.

    1. Logan Pearce says:

      ‘J’ Please feel free to e-mail me and let me know who you really are, so I can at least look and see what happened to your order. I realize that a lot of people are waiting and aren’t happy to wait for my work. Most people respect my craft and are willing to wait for my work. I wish that I didn’t have to make people wait. I work as fast as I possibly can. I simply have a lot of orders and I am one person. I make everything by hand. I realize this was months ago, but still. Your order has probably been filled. Regardless, I’m sorry for the wait.

  12. Jda says:

    J- did Logan resolve your issues? I placed an order for some knives with him and it has gone less than spectacular.

  13. Robert Becerra says:

    Two and a half years, many emails and phone calls and broken promises later – no knife. Looks like I lost my money.

  14. Unhappy Steve says:

    I wish I had found this site earlier, I just placed an order last month. My check was cashed already and I still have not gotten a response.

  15. Unhappy Steve says:

    I just hope I am not one the scammed, hopefully he really is to busy to respond and my purchase will show up at my door.

  16. Jda says:

    After much harassment he eventually shipped the order of eight knives that we purchased. He gave me all sorts of stories as to why they had not arrived. I would categorize the quality of customer care as horrible, and the quality of the knives as fair. I definitely will not do business with him again. It is a shame because he clearly has some interesting ideas and designs. Unfortunately I think he is a major flake.

    1. Unhappy Steve says:

      Thanks, that’s mildly encouraging. Did you contact him through email or phone? I haven’t had responses from either.

      1. Jda says:

        We did both. Also, we text messaged the hell out of him.

        1. Unhappy Steve says:

          Is (580)212-0995 still his number??

        2. Jda says:

          That was number I had.

        3. Unhappy Steve says:

          Ok, thanks.

  17. Libby says:

    Same boat — cashed check; indicated that he was only back logged by 5 days. I think it has been 2 months – tried contacting with phone, IM, posting on various sites that have activity from him.

    Real sad; the work looks very nice and some of it would have made a wonderful Christmas gifts

    1. Logan Pearce says:

      What is the name of the person on the order? I can check and see what happened. I’m sorry for your wait. I will do whatever I can to make up for it.

  18. Lucy says:

    I, too, ordered from LOGAN PEARCE of DE QUEEN, AR and sent him a money order for $160 in November 2016 for some knives and since cashing the money order on 14Nov16, I haven’t heard from him and I cannot get a response of any kind from him.

    1. Jda says:

      Well, for entertainment sake…. take a look at his BBB rating. Good solid “F”. That is a rating you gotta work hard at achieving. Pretty darn pathetic.

      1. Logan Pearce says:

        ‘Jda’ I’m sorry that you feel that way. I send out hundreds of knives a month, so a few thousand a year. Roughly two dozen people have complained in the past 3 years. So honestly, I have a whole lot more happy people than bad. No one goes to the BBB to post how great their experience was. They only go there to complain about having to wait on me to make a knife.

        While I wish I could make them faster and have everyone taken care of right then, I can not. I am one person. I’m sorry that you hate me. I’m sorry I am not good enough. If I could work any faster, I would.

        I’m sorry I am so pathetic.

    2. Logan Pearce says:

      Lucy, the only thing I have left on your order is the saw blade hatchet. I know you have been waiting a few months, but if you are tired of waiting on my work, I can just send you a refund. I don’t use the money, until the order has been received. So I can send a refund of anyone’s order who hasn’t been received.

      I know that at the moment it takes me much longer to fill orders than anyone waits to wait. I wish I could make them faster. I am so sorry for the wait. I am trying my best to get them done and shipped.

      It doesn’t do me any good to not get people their orders. So I am sorry.

  19. Unhappy Steve says:

    I guess for me it’s not the $105, I really wanted the knife. I was thinking about spending the weekend at his booth at the art of steel show in Little Rock in Feb. I’m pretty good at public relations, maybe I could help some potential customers make better decisions.

    1. Successful Solution says:

      For all of you folks who have ordered from Logan Pearce and haven’t received your product, don’t give up or he wins! Because his product showed up on so many Knife Specialty Boards I assumed (I know, shame on me) that he was a legitimate vendor. I ordered 4 knives the first week of April, 2016, and my check was cashed immediately. After 2 months of no word I e-mailed him to get a delivery estimate, and received no response. I called him and his voice mail was full. Several more calls and e-mails were ignored. After 6 months, I sent him an e-mail threatening legal action if he didn’t respond and this too was ignored. I contacted the Consumer Protection Division of the Arkansas Attorney Generals Office, at:>Complaint . I filed my complaint on line in just minutes, and received follow up the next day, alerting me that a complaint number and investigator had been assigned. Within 2 weeks of filing my complaint the knives I had ordered were delivered, no note, no apology, no explanation. As the quality of the 4 knives met my expectation I accepted them. The process of filing a complaint is free, and easy, so take advantage of it!

      1. Richard Gallard says:

        I have ordered knives from Mr. Pearce over the last two years and he always told me that there would be a wait for his knives. -There are a lot of people that want his work. I understand that. I also collect knives and know the work it takes to make a hand crafted knife. All of you are complaining about having to wait for a one-of-a-kind american handmade piece of art.

        1. Logan Pearce says:

          No, this is my fault. I have not been on top of things, like I should have been. I have been trying to get as many knives out as possible, but above all, I just haven’t been getting as many orders out as I need or being able to reply to as many people as I should.

          It is my fault. I’m sorry that it takes me so long to make a knife. I apologize for not being able to reply faster. I wish I could have everything fixed right then, but I am working as fast as possible to fill all the orders that I can.

    2. Logan Pearce says:

      Steve, the tomahawk will be at your door this week. I promise that the wait will be worth it. You will be getting more than what you imagined.

      Also, please, come to the show. I would love to have you there.

      I am sorry that it has taken me so long to fill your order.

      1. Happy Steve says:

        Thank you Logan, I have received the first piece and it looks awesome!! Can’t wait to get the second one this week. I sent a response to the BBB today to inform them that our “issue” had been resolved. I hated to use them, but I wasn’t sure where else to go, I am assuming that all of us only needed a simple response to ensure that we weren’t scammed.
        Thank you again – Happy Steve : )

  20. Lucy says:

    Logan, it’s been a couple of months since I’ve contacted you as I have been waiting very, very patiently for the refund I requested from you, which I have not received, nor have you contacted me.

    I have been kind enough to NOT file a complaint with your local BBB, but if I have not received my refund of 160.00 by 30April17, rest assured that I will file a complaint with them, or whomever, or whatever agency the state of Arkansas uses.

    This has gone on long enough and it needs to be resolved to MY satisfaction and all I want is my money refunded.

    IF you need my order number and info again, kindly let me know and I will get that to you ASAP.

    Thank you,
    Lucy Simons

    1. Andrew says:

      I too have been waiting for an order since last July and a refund since March 23rd. Good luck with getting your refund.

      1. Lucy says:

        Andrew, I’m fully prepared to do as I said and report this guy to: if I don’t receive my refund from him by 30April17.

        Most likely I should have reported this already, but I set a time line and I will abide by it.
        I believe anyone can have problems or troubles, but apparently that’s not the case with Logan.
        Good luck to you, also.

  21. Ginger says:

    I usually don’t do things like this but I think people need to be warned!!!! So a year ago on March 8th, we purchased 5 knives from Mr. Logan Pearce. After months of waiting and never receiving the knives, we attempted to contact him several times with no response. I attempted to contact Mr. Pearce on Facebook in December. I requested that he either give us the money back or the knives. No reply. In January 2018, I contacted him again via the Pearce Knives Facebook page. Mr. Pearce responded 3 days later. Chris spoke with him several times regarding the knives via text. Mr. Pearce said that he would have the knives ready and have them with him at the Arkansas Knife Show in February. He sent in a text that if we were unable to make the knife show that he would be sure to put the knives in the mail. Well the weekend of the knife show, we cut a planned trip (planned since December) short just to make it back in time for the knife show. And guess what?? NO KNIVES!!!! At the knife show, he said he didn’t have them and that he would mail them to us. Well….here we are 2 months later and still no knives. Chris sent Mr. Pearce a text requesting at least one of the knives and he sent back that he would send it to him. STILL NO KNIVES!! We have not received our money back nor have we received the knives! The only reason the knives were purchased from this guy is because he was from Arkansas and he is a third generation bladesmith that has some very well made knives. Though his quality of work appears good, his professionalism is horrible. All we want is the knives or the money and we are not getting either after numerous requests. We keep getting the run around. I am posting this to make others aware of this guy and to NOT PURCHASE anything from him. He will just steal your money.

  22. Lucy Simons (aka: "Libby77625") says:

    To Whom it May Concern:
    To recap:
    I had ordered 2 knives and a hatchet from Logan Pearce in November 2016. After a few months of hearing nothing from him I requested that my money be returned and guess what? MONTHS and months later – approx. 1.5 years now – I am still waiting for this “person” to return my money.

    I heard, finally, (via emails and also here at The Truth About Knives) from Logan Pearce that all he had left was the hatchet and my order would be complete. He also apologized all over the page and said he “doesn’t use my money until my order has been received” over which I did a huge LOL all over the place when I read that since, of course, he can’t use MY money until he receives it!

    I told him via email that I was going to file a complaint against him with the Arkansas AG’s office, but being the genuinely kind hearted person that I am, I figured that maybe, just maybe, he was in such dire straights that he needed my money to survive on, but from the looks of it evidently Logan Pearce just makes his living suckering people out of their money.

    These were to be given to a dear friend and family as a last gift after my death. ( Was a survivor, but now a cancer victim, again, which flatass sucks, to be honest.) But this “person” has NOT returned my money and, evidently, has no intention of doing so, ever.

    Shame on you, Logan Pearce! Evidently you are most likely just a poorly talented rip off artist who doesn’t want to offend anyone with a, most likely, inferior made product. AND of course, this is ONLY MY OPINION to which I am entitled.

    CAVEAT EMPTOR certainly applies when trying to do business with this person.

  23. Johnathan says:

    I had no problem getting my order from Pearce Knives. He sent a tracking # within the week and it was delivered on time.

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Pearce Knives: Objets D’Art Or Functional Blades?

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