Louisiana Pelican recovers from “knife-like” wounds

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A veterinary tech shows the deliberate lacerations to the pelican’s pouch. (photo Wildlife Care and Rescue Center)

Two months after suffering “deliberately made” lacerations to its feeding pouch, a brown pelican in Louisiana is ready to be released back into the wild. One of the cruelest and most pointless examples of knife-misuse that I have recently come across.

From The Clarion-Ledger:

On Aug. 3, employees at a Pass Christian restaurant called the Wildlife Care and Rescue Center to report an injured brown pelican that had been hanging around their restaurant.

Rescue center veterinary technician Alison Sharpe says the pelican was suffering from three lacerations that appeared to have been deliberately made.

Sharpe says the bird’s feeding pouch had been sliced open, making it impossible for the pelican to swallow fish and other scraps the restaurant workers tried to feed it.

“Bunch of savages in this world” – Dante

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Louisiana Pelican recovers from “knife-like” wounds

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