Photo Contest Entry: Nevermore Edition

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According to Roger S., Edgar Allen Poe was quite the knife collector for his day.

Roger S. sends us this “Poe Pumpkin” for our contest. He also included the factoid that Mr. Poe was a lamnaphile. He had a collection of “knives numbering in the dozens”. I would love to find out more.

If you would like to submit a pumpkin, please send your pics to  .  If you can include a knife somewhere in the photo it would be appreciated for validation’s sake. We are giving away 3 nice knives, courtesy of one of our readers – Jonathan M. There will be a “Jonathan Pick”, “Clay Pick”, and “Reader’s Pick”.

Good luck everyone. Some alternative views of Roger’s pumpkin are  below the jump.


Looks nice lit.


I would like a Cask of Amontillado please. Oh, and a sack of mortar.

Thank’s Roger.

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Photo Contest Entry: Nevermore Edition

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