Point beats an Edge – Spear-wielding resident chases off sword-wielding burglar

Point beats an Edge

It is an adage in melee combat that “a point beats an edge”. The above video from Scholagladiatoria, a medieval-combat school explains why this is so. There is also a demonstration of this below the jump.

For the second time in the last month, recreational medieval-reenactment training has thwarted an intruder. Last time it was a woman armed with a sword who captured an unarmed invader. This time a Kansas woman discovered a man armed with a sword in her home, and her son grabbed his reenacting spear and chased the man away.

From UPI:

The woman told police she initially thought the man was there to speak with her son, who does medieval re-enactments, but she soon discovered the man was taking items from the home.

Police said the woman woke her son, who armed himself with a spear used in the re-enactments and chased the suspect through several back yards.

Police said the suspect got away, but they are looking into whether the woman was correct in thinking she recognized him from the re-enactments she participates in with her son.

“We did have several of the neighbors calling in; they had folks running through their backyard armed with this large spear and armed with a sword,” Sgt. Brian Sigmantold The Wichita Eagle.


  1. djb says:

    So, never bring a sword to a spear fight?

    1. borg says:

      I think the burglar got the point.

  2. Roger says:

    After using spears in hunting, I’m not entirely sure I would use one to defend my home. Long and heavy doesn’t make for a great home defense option. I guess the one’s used in reenactments and mock battles are lighter, but the length would really be limiting.

    I also wouldn’t carry a sword to rob a house, assuming he didn’t take the sword from the house of the medieval re-enactors.

  3. borg says:

    The spear man has a valid point.

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Point beats an Edge – Spear-wielding resident chases off sword-wielding burglar

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