Police chase knife-wielding unicorn through a Canadian cemetery.

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Unicorn mask worn by one of the men who were reportedly making a short video (Victoria Police)

From VancouverIsland.CTVnews:

“Victoria police say they’ve never seen anything like it.

Officers were called to the Ross Bay Cemetery Sunday night for a bizarre report of a man being chased by a person in a unicorn mask wielding a large hunting knife.

The man being chased was yelling and screaming, according to police.

“Sometimes, unfortunately, we get calls that can be described as fanciful at best,” police spokesman Bowen Osoko said in a statement. “In this case, the call was exactly as described.”

Unicorn-man was lucky he was in Canada and not the US. I would not trust an LEO in the States to not shoot first and ask questions later if a knife is actually visible. I am not saying that anything remotely close to the majority of police would shoot, but there are enough who would I wouldn’t chance it.


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Police chase knife-wielding unicorn through a Canadian cemetery.

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