Police Dog stabbed and killed; suspect killed by police.


PA Port Authority Officers carry the body of K9 Officer Aren

Officers had initially attempted to use a taser on Brian Kelly Jr. after he tried to stab a Pennsylvania Port Authority officer who was trying to write him a ticket. When this proved ineffective, officers released their K9.

From NY Daily News:

The suspect, Brian Kelly Jr., brandished a knife and lunged at a cop while fleeing a bus stop in the Pittsburgh suburb of Wilkinsburg Sunday, Port Authority spokesman Jim Ritchie told the Daily News.

The officer was trying to write the suspect a ticket during a 4 p.m. encounter, but Kelly ran off after allegedly drinking in public with Brian Kelly Sr., his father.

Officers used a stun gun on the knife-wielding suspect during a foot pursuit, but Police Superintendent Charlie Moffat said it was ineffective because of Kelly’s thick work jacket.

The officer unleashed his police dog, Aren, on Kelly instead.

The suspect stabbed Sgt. Brian O’Malley’s 5-year-old German Shepherd multiple times, mortally wounding him.

The dog was declared dead at a local veterinary hospital. Aren was carried out of the facility by four officers, who covered the body with a flag, and met by a line of saluting police officers.

I applaud the officers for attempting less-lethal force on a knife wielding suspect. Aren is the eighth K9 officer killed this year. It is definitely preferable to losing a human officer, but it is still sad and has to take a toll on the morale of the department. Our thoughts are with the Port Authority Police and the community.


  1. I_Like_Pie says:

    I know that people really get attached to them, but I am still kinda in awe that police give formal funerals for dogs.

  2. I like most dogs more than most people. That said, the funerals are political theater.

  3. stuartb says:

    Yet despite the great restraint of the Police they still managed to shoot the perp DRT

  4. cmeat says:

    well, your faith in your human partners may waiver. once you have seen your canine partner go “all in” you may believe in him unconditionally.

  5. Donald says:

    As unfortunate as this is, you have to ask if this was worth it over writing a ticket for drinking in public. They already had the guy’s dad with them; it wouldn’t have been that hard to catch up with the dude later. Instead, a man and a dog are dead.

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Police Dog stabbed and killed; suspect killed by police.

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