Waco Police shoot knife-wielding brisket-thief. 


It might have been justifiable, even without the knife. Brisket makes damn fine BBQ.

Yes, this happened. No, there is not anything particularly controversial about the incident. However, the experience of writing that headline was somewhat sublime.

From the WacoTribune:

“Waco police were called to the H-E-B at North 19th Street and Park Lake Drive at 3:20 p.m. after the man allegedly tried to steal the meat, police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

The suspect had been detained in the store and was being held in about a 10-foot-by-10-foot security room by the officers and an H-E-B loss-prevention specialist when he pulled out the knife, Swanton said. Police did not say what type of knife the man had.

The suspect, a 48-year-old white man, reportedly grappled with officers at one point, and a female officer pulled out a Taser as a male officer pulled out his handgun. The Taser allegedly was ineffective at subduing the man, at which point the male officer fired “at least two rounds.”

The suspect is in the hospital in unspecified condition.

Don’t Mess with Texas. He is lucky he wasn’t hung. People take their beef seriously down there. I know it is blasphemy to say this in the pig-loving south, but Brisket makes damn fine BBQ.


  1. Spencer says:

    With a little luck the thief may end up barbecued, too. No loss to society either if that should happen.

  2. He must have been hitting the sauce. Only booze could explain this!

  3. Sam L. says:

    Good thing no-one else got hit by the bullets. And clearly, he was rustlin’ that brisket.
    That’s a hangin’ offense in Texas!

  4. AW1Ed says:

    “Hanged” not “hung.” Big difference. 😉

  5. dph says:

    I’m not from the South so I’ll say this, anything cooked low and slow is good, some is better than others but it’s all good. That said, don’t mess with the Que.

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Waco Police shoot knife-wielding brisket-thief. 

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