Popular Mechanics explains how to choose a pocketknife.

Not my whole collection of folders, but what I had close at hand. Seemed appropriate for this post.

Reader Stuart B. dropped me line with a link to an article from Popular Mechanics. The title of the article is actually Why you should carry a pocketknife everyday. But other than the passage I will quote below, there isn’t much of the answer to the question Why?. What the article is however, is a good basic primer for the knife-noob. Stuart forwarded it under the rubric “It is always good when a “mainstream” publication puts something like this out. If nothing else, it would be a good one to forward if someone asks you for advice.

From Popular Mechanics:

My dad never left the house without his keys, a pen, and a pocketknife. I recall him swiftly offering to open packages, cut string, or remove splinters at a moment’s notice. By having a pocketknife on him at all times, my father had his own do-it-yourself solution for a multitude of daily tasks. I’ve always admired that self-sufficiency, and in recent years I’ve strived to emulate it by carrying my own knife or multitool with me wherever I go.

I’ve found that carrying a small knife with me every day can be liberating—all because of those small DIY victories.
That last line made me think of participation trophies, but other than that I was impressed that there was really nothing in the whole piece that I would take issue with. His choices are solid in terms of companies and specific blades, and his opinions and advice match mine fairly closely. His opinion of multitools being better relegated to glove box use matches mine to a tee, though Jake Middleton would disagree.
Give the article a look and let us know what you think.

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Popular Mechanics explains how to choose a pocketknife.

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