Portland Police: Bus Stabbing Suspect Won’t Escape For Long


On July 17th, this as-yet unidentified male subject stabbed a Portland, Oregon bus driver in the neck. The driver, 40 year-old Fadi Hamad, was treated for a ‘non life-threatening’ stab wound, which was (like any place in your neck) only inches from major blood vessels. Why are police so sure they’ll get their man sooner rather than later? This composite sketch has something to do with it…

From KATU.com:

The man who stabbed a TriMet bus driver had a distinctive checkerboard tattoo around his neck, a police sketch of the suspect revealed Thursday…

In addition to the tattoo around his neck, there are now more details about his description:

  • White male in his mid-30s
  • 5 feet, 9 inches tall
  • Medium build
  • Medium-length brown hair
  • Unshaven face with several scars
  • Last seen wearing a green t-shirt and black pants

With a $1000 reward on his head and a checkerboard tattoo around his neck, this f-ed-up meth addict (note the facial sores) is going to have a very hard time staying one step ahead of the law. If his tat doesn’t give him away, the fact that Gollum is wearing a turtleneck in August will put the cops on him like white on rice.

Here’s hoping, anyway.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    Yeah, for all the descriptions that you usually hear of “brown hair, brown eyes, medium height, medium build,” sometimes you get a distinctive winner. I’m guessing that if this guy has any financial means at all, he’s gonna relocate from Portland to someplace where every cop in town hasn’t memorized his description.

  2. jwm says:

    Frackin’ tweakers. The cops catch him and he sits in jail until his trial cause no one will bail him. He gets cleaned up and fed regular. When he finally gets back to the streets he’s healthier, stronger and still a meth head looking to score. Strong arming retiree’s is easier for him thanks to his taxpayer funded vacation.

    One says a silent prayer that he makes a furtive move towards his waistline when the cops confront him.

  3. C says:

    I’m a little surprised that he and the local PD aren’t on a first name basis.

  4. Aharon says:

    I live in SE Portland about 1.5 miles from where the attack occurred. Within the past year I recall walking past a man in this general area with such a tattoo. It could of course been someone else.

    1. Mr. Lighter says:

      I live in Portland as well. I’ve seen numerous people with tattoos like that…

  5. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    If you had your neck tattooed like this, I’m guessing making good life
    decisions isn’t something you’re too familiar with, but that’s just me.

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Portland Police: Bus Stabbing Suspect Won’t Escape For Long

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