Press Release: IWI US, Inc. releases Tavor Tactical Combat Folding Knife


IWI has partnered with Guardian Tactical for their Tavor branded folding tanto.

I have never shot a Tavor, or any bullpup firearm for that matter. My IDF buddy Jon’s duty weapon is a Tavor, and he loves it. Now Israeli Weapon Industries US, Inc. has teamed up with Guardian Tactical for their entry into the realm of branded knives with this new Tavor Tactical Combat Folding Knife.

Outside branding on knives has been a hit or miss proposition. It can range from an epic selling out of your brand (Smith&Wesson), to high-quality with a premium price for the name (my Orvis branded Benchmade Mini-Griptialian was about $20 more than a plain-one). This seems to be the direction that IWI has gone with their Tavor Knife. Only instead of a high-end maker with a mass market presense, they partnered with a boutique designer, Andrew Beurk of Guardian Tactical.

I had a chance to see Guardian’s knives at this year’s blade show. Really nice. The bearing system they use for the pivot is luxuriously smooth, and their blades are made with premium steels like CPM154. Strangely, the Tavor Branded knife is not MSRP’d at a premium – it’s $324 tag is actually $1 less than an unbranded Helix Tactical Tanto directly from Guardian. IWI US’s press release touts the exclusiveness of this knife, and while I may be wrong I can’t see a difference between the Tavor and the Helix. Regardless, both are made in Pennsylvania, and unless there is something dramatically off about the Tavor version should prove to be a great knife for those for whom budget is not a consideration.

Full Press Release below the jump.


Harrisburg, Pa. (October 2014)

IWI US, Inc. a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., proudly announces the newly released IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat Folding Knife now available for purchase on its online web store. This exclusive design for IWI US was manufactured in Pennsylvania by Guardian Tactical in an impressive collaboration between the U.S. Protective Service and Andrew Buerk, Guardian Tactical’s Chief Designer.
The IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat Folding Knife blade is produced from the finest CPM-154 steel and is set into a textured G-10 handle that aids in grip retention. It has all black stainless steel hardware with a black anodized aluminum back spacer, incorporating a silky smooth 16 ball bearing system that ensures a solid lock up and zero side to side “play.” The U.S. Protective Service came up with the idea to incorporate Dual Arc Rapid Deployment thumb studs that will allow the user to rapidly deploy the knife with one hand.


IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat Folding Knife Specifications:
Overall Length: 9”
Blade Length: 4”
Cutting Edge: 3.75”
Blade Thickness: 0.155”
Handle Length: 5.0”
Handle Thickness: 0.58”
Weight: 4.2 oz.
The IWI Tavor® Tactical Combat Folding Knife is individually numbered, comes in a soft IWI branded bag and
has a 100% Lifetime Warranty serviced by Guardian Tactical. MSRP $324.99.

You can get yours here.


The non-Tavor branded Helix 2 for comparison.






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Press Release: IWI US, Inc. releases Tavor Tactical Combat Folding Knife

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