Prison Ingenuity – Mile High Fight Club Edition.

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It is an immutable truth of life that if Government bans something, creative minds will come up with a workaround.  While the hoplophobes may or may not succeed in getting the TSA to pull back from their soon-to-be-implemented loosening of knife restrictions, it will not prevent the possibility that MacGyver’s evil twin could fabricate some pretty wicked weaponry.

The website Gizmodo picked up an article from the Dutch newspaper NU.  The Author, Brenno de Winter, provides an examination of a talk by Evan Booth (See video below), in which Booth demonstrates how to make a crossbow, flail-mace, blowgun, even an ignition source for some sort of explosive device – all from items available in “secure” duty free and travelers’ shops.

While I am the son of a Dutch immigrant, I am not at all versed in the language, so I will rely on Gizmodo’s translation, which in turn relied on Google Translate.  Sorry if it is a little rough:

“Besides a bomb knew Booth also easy to make a bow and arrow of stuff he had bought in a shop in an airport. For this he used an umbrella, hair dryer, socks, a leather belt and condoms. Too obvious things like a lighter and deodorant as alternative gas burner he did not elaborate.

Booth also made a crossbow of an umbrella, floss, grab a toy, a rolkoffertje, a straw and tape. With a straw, cotton and a piece of metal from a remote controlled helicopter he was able to make a blow gun for firing arrows.

Remarkable is also a club that he made a gift, what magazines, floss, a leather strap and tape. In a test showed that so firmly, that he with a single blow a coconut in several parts stores.”

Pretty amazing.  And scary.

Watch the video.  It is a bit on the long side, but there are some pretty dramatic tests of Booth’s 5 builds:


  1. Houstorm says:

    I’m sorry, but a guy armed with a pen could do just as much damage as a guy with a knife with that small of a blade. I hate to say it, but 9/11 happened because people were used to hijackings ending with a hostage situation; which usually ended with only a few to zero casualties. Ask the shoe bomber if passengers will allow some jerk-off with a pocket knife take over a plane nowadays.

    1. I agree with you completely.

  2. Azimuth says:

    The guys up in Vegas would say he’s trying to make his point the hard way.
    A weapon is secondary to the skill and the will to use it. A Krav Maga approach would require no preparation, and with knowledge of the airlines, and how they stow what, and where, everything you could need is probably already on the plane. Let’s see, now where do they stow their flare guns?

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Prison Ingenuity – Mile High Fight Club Edition.

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