Probably NOT Coming From Kershaw In 2014: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Knives.

phil-robertsonOn November 25th Kershaw Knives announced that several new knives would be introduced in 2014 in partnership with ‘Duck Commander’ Phil Robertson, shown here in happier days when he could put something other than his foot in his mouth.

Even though A&E has allowed him to return from exile, I’m betting that the Kershaw deal is as dead in the water as a mallard that just got hit with an ounce and a half of #4 bismuth.From KAI USA’s original press release:

TUALATIN, OREGON—Duck Commander, makers of best-selling duck calls, and Buck Commander, makers of quality deer-hunting gear and apparel, are partnering with Kai USA Ltd. on an exciting series of new knives.

Kai USA brand Kershaw Knives, Duck Commander, and Buck Commander will work together on a selection of every day carrying knives and hunting knives, in both fixed-blade and folding styles, as well as a selection of machetes and accessories. Kai’s Pure Komachi 2 brand will partner with Duck/Buck Commander on a kitchen cutlery series, which will involve the “Duck wives” of Duck Dynasty.

“Kai USA, Duck Commander, and Buck Commander are all well known for the quality and innovation of their products,” said Jack Igarashi, Kai USA Chief Operating Officer. “That makes our partnership a natural fit and we are very proud to be the Official Knife of Duck Commander and Buck Commander.”

The first three to four knives in the series will be available by mid-year 2014. Prototypes will be shown at the important industry trade show, the SHOT Show, in Las Vegas in January. Successive years of this multi-year licensing agreement will feature an expanded lineup of products, from hunting knives and kitchen cutlery to accessories and apparel.

The co-branded knives will be distributed through all Kai USA channels as well as through Duck Commander and Buck Commander outlets. Promotional displays and sales materials will be available to assist retailers in successfully merchandising these must-have product lines.

KAI USA is based just outside hip, trendy Portland. This is where Portlandia happens, and Robertson’s views on homosexuality are widely condemned in a city which only recently had an openly-gay mayor. His Lynyrd Skynyrd-inspired views on race probably don’t sell very well here either. A&E may not want to kill the good old boy that lays such golden eggs for them, but Kershaw has very little to gain by moving forward with this marketing deal.

But Kershaw’s dilemma is really a very small part of the big picture. Calling Duck Dynasty ‘Reality TV’ is terribly naive. Just like the cat in Schrodinger’s thought experiment, a ‘star’ of reality-based television is dramatically changed by the act of being watched. When his show becomes a hit, he becomes a commodity instead of a real person. He is doomed to spend his brief heyday surrounded by reality producers and PR flacks who crave drama and conflict. These sycophants will constantly exhort him to be larger than life, to make a scene, to ruffle some feathers in pursuit of ratings.

They will never, ever, counsel him to calm down, to think before he speaks, or to act like a responsible adult. After months or years of  being told that every outrageous thing he does is Just great, baby!, our reality ‘star’ will be completely isolated from actual human reality. It’s only a matter of time before he goes too far while trying to be unique, and when that happens the entire ‘reality’ premise collapses.

Jon & Kate Plus Eight, The Real Housewives Of Anywhere, Big Brother, Survivor, Jersey Shore, Dog The Bounty Hunter, do I really need to list any more examples? The only ones that survive the ‘reality TV’ experience as recognizably human are the ones whose series die a quick death. Phil Robertson and his family, of course, had no such luck. He’s a proud man, and pride, of course, goeth before the fall.

Less than a month after inking his deal with Kershaw, of course, Robertson stunned GQ’s readers with his views on homosexuality and with his idyllic recollections of the Jim Crow south. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kershaw hasn’t made any official announcement yet, but I’m guessing that their ‘Duck Commander’ line of knives is history too.



  1. B-Dawg says:

    Somehow, I doubt that self-identified, out-of-the-closet turd punchers (or the leftists who support them) make up a major portion of Kershaw’s clientele. So why would they worry (or even care) about any speculative repercussions from marketing a line of “Duck Dynasty” knives?
    Of course I could be wrong (who can predict anything these days when it comes to politics? Look who got elected President of the United States TWICE!)

    1. Roger says:

      Man, if you don’t think Romney could have ever won you’re delusional. What happened in 2012 was the same sell out tactic Nixon used in 1972. Get the other side to elect a polarizing, inept, radical that will alienate some of the natural base of the party and provide a good target. Give the incumbent four more dirty terrible years and take the eight with someone who can actually run as the strongest competition from the other party consists of a Governor who’s successor is bent on undoing every he achieved, an aged and haggard Clinton, and Rahm “School Shootings are actually great opportunities” Emanuel.

      Secondly, it’s not that it’ll hurt their image or sales. It could be a logical choice not to back someone who clearly does not think about the consequences of opening his mouth . Kershaw doesn’t need some city boy cosplaying as a hunter to advertise their knives. They especially don’t need a city boy cosplaying as a hunter to go on national tv to act like a fool with their knives and actually damage their sales the first chance he gets. This whole drama filled viewings ploy show many possibilities that are terrible for Kershaw and other companies to partner with the show. The guy either does not think before he speaks. He thinks but over rules his otherwise reasonable views because others around him hold the same confirmation bias and actively encourage him to say things the majority of Americans loudly disagree with.

  2. Jim says:

    All bullshit…this entire country has based race relations and acceptance of homosexuality on lies. How do I know this? I have functioning eyes and ears, and a brain to process all that input. It’s all been nothing but attempted mind control through coersion folks. Am I saying ALL people from certain orientations or ethnic backgrounds all have the same opinions? Of course not, that would be foolish. But at 50 years old my tolerance for make believe has been used up. The vast majority of the people I know find homosexuality repugnant. Sorry but it just goes against natures plan. Does that mean I would automatically hate someone for being gay? No it dont. My dislike, however, begins when that person demands that I accept THEIR views over my own. Thats the point a lot of folks are missing here. All the man did was express his personal views that happen to go against the politically correct propoganda that has been pushed on our society for years. It’s attempted brain washing. I wont even get into any sort of comment on race or race relations because I figure that will just get deleted. Which illustrates perfectly why all of this is just plaun old bullshit. I dont watch TV…think I’ve seen all of 30 seconds of that show. I’m sure plastering these guys faces on the packaging wouldnt be enough to get me to buy something. But myself, if Kershaw decides to back out of a deal with those guys because he expressed his views just like say, Oprah Winfrey, well then I won’t ever purchase another Kershaw product. Those are just my views.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      As hunters, shooters and self-reliant Americans, we should be more careful about whom we choose to offend. More Americans support gay marriage than support hunting right now, and this trend is only strengthening.

      Robertson’s show had been useful in fighting that trend by bringing a largely sympathetic view of hunting and rural culture to suburban America. Unfortunately, by reinforcing the archaic stereotype of hunters and farmers as unsophisticated parochials who tend toward bigotry, Robertson has done almost incalculable damage to our cause.

      1. Sam L. says:

        I remain unconvinced.

      2. NavyRetGold says:

        Chris Dumm, I’m calling you out on this one. While I am a huge fan of your articles, you stepped in the middle of the PC pile on this issue. If you think that more Americans support gay marriage than hunting, you have allowed confirmation bias to blind you. Please leave these bullshit political issues alone and concentrate on knives. Your readers did not come to TTAK to read about gay issues.

      3. 2hotel9 says:

        NavyRetGold nails it. As for Robertson, so far he has stated his opinion about the Bible’s content and how he personally feels about it.

        Don’t buy into the media generated lie that Americans are a tiny minority in America. Every time gay marriage goes up for a legitimate vote it gets voted down. Even in California. WHAT does that tell you?

    2. Tom says:

      What if Seinfeld never says “not that there’s anything wrong with that”, or if Will Truman is portrayed realistically? Jim, I think your on to something…

  3. Kerry says:

    I am quite surprised to find such a clear summary of the truly bogus nature of all reality shows on a web site about knives. Thanks

  4. Dave says:

    I guess I’m a little disappointed by this article. I don’t see how this has anything to do with knives or guns (for all the stuff appearing on TTAG). Anyone who is honestly surprised by Phil Robertson’s beliefs must have just recently jumped on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon. Go to YouTube and find some of his lectures and sermons. You will find that not only does he see homosexuality as a sin, but he is very pro-life. Which happens to fall in line with the majority of Christian teachings. A proud, born again Christian who sees homosexuality and abortion as sins? Color me surprised. What I would like to know is where are the angry adulterers at? Are they not upset at being called sinners too? Where is the GLAAD equivalent for adulterers at? Or is adultery still frowned upon in society? Let’s also make sure we forget the whole part about loving everyone, and letting God sort them out.

    Now, do I think his First Amendment rights were violated? Nope, the government did not infringe on his freedom of speech or his freedom of religion. I also don’t think Robertson had done incalculable risk to either the pro-knife or pro-gun movement. I will agree with you that we should be careful of who we offend, but even that has to stop some where.

    Perhaps, the biggest joke is on all of us. I doubt Phil Robertson really cares about the repercussions:

    1. He is a millionaire.
    2. Given what he believes; I assume he saw it as his duty to spread the word of The Lord. He was asked what sin is and he gave his answer.

    I’m sure both TTAG and TTAK will put out a good article and we can all move past this; but I wish you hadn’t waded into the debate.

    I too remain unconvinced.

  5. B says:

    I must have missed the announcement that Kershaw hates money. A&E and Cracker Barrel recently made this announcement, but promptly retracted it after realizing libtards don’t sign their paychecks.

  6. patv says:

    Posted a comment with nothing inappropriate other than I think this is a poor topic and doesn’t belong in TTAK. Comment disappeared as did others. Other truly horrible rants remain.

    Going to unsubscribe as well as share that TTAK deletes any comments not aligned with the author

  7. Nathan says:

    I doubt Kershaw will go back on it. They are very conservative, even for being in Oregon. They even posted a picture of Duck Commander wine on December 23rd, after all this was happening. I have no doubt that we will see this collaboration move forward. (Still hoping for a branded Skyline)

  8. Matt in FL says:

    “The only ones that survive the ‘reality TV’ experience as recognizably human are the ones whose series die a quick death.”

    For the record, Deadliest Catch seems to be bucking the curve. They’ve got enough real life drama to not have to bother with (much) fake stuff. The drama on that show is based heavily in reality, whether it’s the horrible deadly weather, or Phil’s death and Jake’s ensuing substance abuse issues, or the brotherly love & conflict between Sig & Edgar, or the fact that I truly believe the Hillstrand brothers are pirates who got lost in the wrong century. The parts that are played up for the camera are the HUGE amount of concern whenever there’s another (non-show) vessel in distress, and some of the bitching and moaning (especially by the greenhorns), but I think that’s mostly only to the point that many of those things would never get said out loud, but would remain inside the speaker’s head. Unfortunately, that would leave the audience with no real concept of what was going on.

    Deadliest Catch remains perennially on my personal top-10 list.

    1. jwm says:

      I’ve never worked in the crab fleet in the bering seas, but I have worked in jobs that were rough and tumble. Guys that move into those jobs don’t generally self censor themselves or keep their opinions to themselves. I can’t imagine that these crab fleet guys would be anymore stoic or silent without the cameras there.

      Remember, the soldiers that are bitching aren’t the ones to be concerned with. It’s when they go quiet that you have serious problems.

      1. Matt in FL says:

        Yeah, you’re right about those types of guys. My point was that the camera being there gives them someone to bitch to. If the greenhorns didn’t have the camera and tried to do all their bitching to the other deckhands, they’d probably get told where to put their whining BS most ricky tick. They’re probably also gently encouraged (by the producers) to talk about how hard it is to be the new guy, etc.

      2. 2hotel9 says:

        Amen. A bitching troop is a happy troop.

  9. 2hotel9 says:

    I don’t see Kershaw backing out. Even without Duck Dynasty the Duck Commander and Buck Commander brands are strong sellers and are going to remain that way regardless of A&E or GLAAD.

    And as for Phil, a new “controversy” has popped up, and there will be screeching&wailing and the faint of heart will all sway to and fro with the winds of, well, fake controversy and angst, and then the mediots will stumble on the The Next Big Thing.


  10. deadleftknifeguy says:

    I, for one, was happy to see this article. What does politics have to do with knives? Nothing more than demographics and business (in other words, customers and their dollars). Some companies may make decisions for reasons other than profit, while some companies make appear to make what appear to be principled stands because these stands may increase their profits (how many of those firearm and ammo manufacturers really believed Obama was going to take your guns away — vs. how many that understood as long as you believed that, you’d buy more weapons & ammo?).

    Hate me for thinking that true liberty means being able to make some very basic choices related to who you are and what you believe in. To worship where you want, to say what you want, to believe who you want, to love you you want. The Jim Crow South was all about the majority oppressing the minority, so the “libtard” (B’s word, not mine) courts were required to intervene — to protect the liberties of American citizens from the “tyranny of the majority” (also known as “mob rule”).

    Thing is, if you don’t want anyone taking your guns away, you’ve got a stake in being “liberal” as much as anyone else. An individual’s right to own and carry a pistol is, after all, a very liberal interpretation of the Second Amendment. Wrap your head around that before you decide to condemn others for pursuing their own liberties.

    1. 2hotel9 says:

      No, it is not a “liberal” interpretation. And Jim Crowe was the Democrat Party oppressing blacks by blocking their rights to own property, send children to schools and advance their lives through business. They did it to poor whites, too. To clarify, that was “liberal” policy created to strip people of their rights. It is always “liberals” working to subjugate people based on ideology.

      Kershaw has not said a word about going out of the knife sales business, unless you got something to add, mm’kay.

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Probably NOT Coming From Kershaw In 2014: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Knives.

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