Pumpkin Contest Entry and a couple of news links


Sean W. is a regular commenter on our Facebook page. He sends us this wicked pumpkin with two quite sexy knives.

Sean W. looks to have sliced a gourd or two along the way. And he appears to have some photography chops as well. Oh, and a couple on nice knives too. If you are keeping score at home, they are a CRKT Ikoma Fossil and a Brous Strife. Nicely done on all three accounts. That Brous is Nathan-level steel, and the CRKT is no slouch either.

I am banging away on my Benchmade Steep Mountain Review. It will be done by Monday night at the latest. Spoiler: I am quite fond of this knife.

I have been trying to bring content in addition to posting the contest entries. We have written about the Oklahoma jihadi beheading incident and the NYC hatchet attack. This week brought us two similar incidents. A young man beheaded his mother on Long Island, and there was an axe attack on a DC policeman just this morning.

More below the jump.
Unlike the Oklahoma City beheading, this attack seems to be garden-variety sociopath, rather than the Islamist variety, and seems to be completely senseless:

Derek Ward butchered his mother, Patricia, a 66-year-old college professor, for no apparent reason on Tuesday, authorities said. Ward, a 35-year-old who battled psychiatric problems for the past decade, sat for a short period of time with his mother’s headless corpse inside their gore-spattered Farmingdale apartment prior to taking his own life, Nassau County police Detective Lt. John Azzata said.

“There were multiple signs of trauma, multiple stab wounds, broken ribs,” the detective said at a news conference. “The weapon used was believed to be a knife. That knife was recovered.”

As 8 p.m. drew near Tuesday night, Derek Ward dragged his mother’s headless corpse out of their second-floor home, down a staircase, through the building lobby and onto the street, Azzata said. He also carried her head outside.

After leaving his mother’s torso and head on either side of Secatogue Road, he walked three blocks to the vicinity of the Clinton St. crossing for the Long Island Rail Road and took a dive in front of an oncoming eastbound train.

That covers the highlights, but you can read more at the NYDailyNews.


The perp ambushed the officer’s patrol car with an axe, narrowly missing the officer.

There was also another axe attack on a policeman, this time in Washington, DC. Thankfully, the officer was not struck by the axe, though he did suffer a minor injury in the ensuing struggle (sounds like a wrenched shoulder). The “person of interest” is still at large.

DCMPD Chief Lanier: (from WUSA9)

“Specific to this attack, the Fifth District officer was on patrol when he noted a suspicious person and went to investigate the situation. The suspicious person avoided the officer by entering an alley. The officer then entered the alley in his marked car and was ambushed by the person with the axe. The axe shattered the window, but did not strike the officer. The officer gave chase and caught up with the suspect, but after a brief struggle, he was able to escape.

As of now we have a general lookout for a black male, 6′-1″ to 6′-2″ with a stocky build. We have several leads that we are following up on at this point, but the investigation continues.”

She also stressed vigilance for police officers: “Recent incidents targeting uniformed law enforcement officers in Quebec, New York City, and now to one our own here in Washington, D.C. are reminders that we must always be ready for any eventuality. I encourage all members to maintain a high awareness of your environment, and to always notify the dispatcher of the location when investigating or entering suspicious situations.”

We at TTAK may be critical of police policies and overreach at the departmental level and question tactical actions or the behavior of individual bad actors. But we respect those of you who feel a true calling to “Protect and Serve”, and we wish you Godspeed and His protection.



  1. Sean Webb says:

    man, people are frickin’ crazy.

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Pumpkin Contest Entry and a couple of news links

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