Queen Cutlery ceases production; furloughs workers

Queen Cutlery ceases production
“Kenneth Daniels CEO and President of Queen Cutlery has announced effective January 10, 2018, that due to issues with cash flow, Queen Cutlery Company has been forced to cease all production and close it’s Titusville Pennsylvania facility, and furlough it’s employees while it goes through a period of reorganization”
The above notice went out today on the Queen Cutlery website. For those unfamiliar, Queen is a legacy American knife company which is best known for their slip-joint knives.

“Knives have been made at the factory of Queen Cutlery Company of Titusville Pennsylvania for over 100 years. It is arguably the oldest and last American Cutlery that truly continues to produce knives in the same way as they were produced there when the factory opened in 1902; traditional bench-made American cutlery. This is remarkable in this day and age. The factory’s first tenant was the Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Company: Queen Cutlery Company displaced Schatt & Morgan there in 1933. Queen City Cutlery Company first began to produce knives in 1918 around the end of the First World War, incorporated in 1922, and shortened their name to “Queen Cutlery Company” in January of 1946. Queen is now the last American cutlery factory that truly makes knives “the old fashioned way.”

Founded by five supervisors who had been fired from the Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Company which had been founded in 1897 in Gowanda , New York when the company purchased the Platts’ factory there, the company moved to Titusville in 1902, bringing men and materials with them to the new factory location. The two companies were in competition in Titusville for about eleven years until Queen City Cutlery was able to purchase Schatt & Morgan. The story of Queen City Cutlery is so woven from the threads of Schatt & Morgan Cutlery that one needs to know a little of that history also.” (From AllAboutPocketKnives)

It is a bit bold to say Queen Cutlery is the “last American knife company making knives the old-fashioned way”, as there is still plenty of domestic American knife production. This is both in terms of legacy names like Buck and Case, KA-Bar, and Gerbers. Or if you want to look in terms of traditional slipjoints, there are companies like Great Eastern Cutlery and others that are making old-fashioned knives, but in a modern way.

That said, it is always sad to see a legacy company shutting down and closing a plant that has stood for a century. Hopefully it can live on in some way as a company that actually produces American knives again, rather than just a nameplate to be bought and sold to slap on cheap, imported blades.



  1. Very sad to hear! What diminishes the knife world diminishes me. Though I am an individual maker, I am not an island. Cheap imported blades are hurting the American cutlery industry, but it is the totally ignorant customers that are also diminished-they just don’t know it! And cheap blades and laminated steels from terrorist sponsoring Pakistan. I consider buying their knives, etc. “…aiding and abetting..”

    1. J- says:

      What makes me sad is just how many American companies like this don’t update with the times. Be it Queen or Buck or Case or Bear and Sons, they are all 420 HC blanked steel. Sure I can order a Buck 110 in S30V, for twice the price, from the custom shop, but I don’t want to.

      How about some of these classic designs in something other than a crap steel. Hell, a boost to something like CTS BD1, D2, or XHP would be a boost without going all the way to S30V super steel pricing.

  2. Paul on Harsens Island says:

    Currency manipulation by China directly affects small manufacturing in the U.S. and results in these small manufacturers going out of business.

  3. That’s the Chinese PLAN, folks. DON’T Buy Made in China. Every time you buy anything made in China your wage decreases-just a tiny bit and the Almighty Dollar ain’t worth SH**. Demand made in USA! I use only USA materials in my knives and I use the most old school methods, make a top quality product-and I’m still here!! But I have witnessed firsthand what has happened to many, many of my customers. They can only afford Made in China cheap crap- The CHINESE PLAN is working. DON’T BUY MADE IN CHINA.. Don’t expect the government to be there to help, we can stop this right now. See above.

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Queen Cutlery ceases production; furloughs workers

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