Question of the Day: Is self-defense a primary EDC knife consideration?

Self-defense knives

The First Edge HR1 is an example of a “Self-Defense First” oriented blade

“If you present a fighting stance with a sharp blade in your hand pointed at the bad guy, you have immediately raised his risk profile. In short, this means that instead of you just standing there petrified and defenseless, you now have a spear point in his face. Nobody, not even bad guys, want to get cut with a knife. In fact, most would rather be shot than cut.” – Steve Tarani in Shooting Illustrated.

The title of the article is actually “Is carrying a knife for self-defense a good idea?”. A valid question, but the article doesn’t talk about the legal ramifications, wounds you will suffer yourself, or other similar considerations.

What the article does do a very good job of covering is the ins and outs of selecting a self-defense knife. It also covers the importance of training, clothing selection and its role in expeditious deployment of an edged weapon. Read the whole thing.

The article also inspires this question of the day…

Is self-defense a primary consideration in your selection of your EDC?

Or is it a secondary/last-ditch consideration? Either with or without a firearm as an option.

Or are you like me? I carry a practical EDC in my pocket, and a defensive fixed blade inside my waistband.


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  1. HandyDan says:

    I don’t consider a pocket knife to be a defensive weapon. I consider defensive knives to be 3+” fixed blades, which I’m not allowed to carry in my state.
    That being said, if my gun fails, I will use anything and everything within reach and on my person as a defensive weapon, including hands and feet, keys, normal everyday pens, flashlight, and knife.

  2. Sam L. says:

    No, and No. It is A consideration, but a knife is a handy tool, and I am still in the Boy Scouts (soonish to be co-ed), but I’m already in the co-ed part.

  3. Chase M. says:

    The answer is no and no. Having said that….there were two occasions in my past that I believe the my pocketknife saved me from possible harm. One situation was in downtown Seattle walking to a bus stop for the last bus of the night. I walked past three dark alleys on the way to the stop. Passed the first alley, a man walked out behind me moving my direction. Each time I passed an alley another man joined the first guy walking behind me. I got to the stop first leaned on a sign post and flicked out the blade of my pocketknife, it was a microtech amphibian so big enough to notice, and started cleaning my nails. I then looked right at the leader of the group heading my way, he stopped the other two guys, smiled at me, turned and went back into the alleys where they started. I think I got lucky that night probably only due to having a blade on me, regardless of what I was using it for.

  4. Snatchums says:

    I carry a compact 9mm as my primary weapon. A Benchmade 62 Balisong as a fighting knife (I’ve been practicing with butterfly knives the better part of 20 years so I’m confident of my ability to deploy it in a high stress situation) and a small fixed blade as a utility knife. I keep my knife and gun on opposite sides so I can draw both if needed, and have been practicing drawing both simultaneously (it’s really really really hard btw).

  5. TheStoic says:

    Firearm is my primary defensive weapon; pocket knife is for utility. If for some reason I can’t carry a gun, the pocket knife remains utilitarian but I’ll conceal a fixed blade for defense.

  6. Fiderco Monteljohnson says:

    Absolutely. But, it fits my life. I can’t carry a pistol everywhere. A Carry firearm is not convenient for my current work and lifestyle. 3 kids, in and out of schools, my jobs doesn’t allow firearms on campus. I’m a creature of habit. I can’t change up. I need it to be the same every time I fill my pockets. I do carry a fixed blade every day. Front pocket, too. Its a Kabar TDI. It’s weird, I know. But, I pulled the belt clip off the sheath and it slides in perfectly and stays flat and up right. Its comfortable. Quick enough to draw. I don’t have to be an expert knife fighter to use it, either. Just punch and punch and try not to cut myself.

  7. sison0917 says:

    Not practical in my location to carry a firearm so I carry a flip out karambit from Foxknives, deploys immediately when you pull it out of the pocket, finger ring offers great retention, almost impossible to disarm, can be used with a pistol too and use it in a boxing stance.

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Question of the Day: Is self-defense a primary EDC knife consideration?

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