Question of the Day: Your most “well-loved” knife…

"well-loved" knife

A friend’s father posted this to his Facebook page a while back. They are both TTAK readers, and both are life-long Michigan sportsmen. They know and use knives. A lot.

A tale of two knives. These are both Buck 442U lockbacks, purchased as Christmas gifts at the Southgate Sam’s Club about 20 years ago. The one above- that was given to me- has seen daily use in that time, while the one below – given to my sister-in-law’s late husband, and passed on to me after his death has seen perhaps twenty minutes of actual use. Mine opens with little more than a flick of the wrist, the other – not so easily. Both take and hold an edge as well as any knife I have ever owned.

The one I carry definitely shows wear, the other one is a lot prettier. They will both do the same thing, and I could carry either one, but I choose to carry the worn one.

I’m not sure what the point of all of this was, aside from  reminding people that they don’t always need the newest, shiniest, prettiest. If what you have still works, hang onto it.

I have a knife like that. Not necessarily to that extreme, but one that really looks like it has seen a lot of use – because it has.


In my case it is my old S30V Spyderco Native. The reprofiling of the blade is not intentional, just a result of many, many, sharpenings, the edge has lost its belly. It is the knife that I carried prior to my TTAK days. It was a replacement for the Native I bought in the late 90’s when it was new on the scene. The clip has lost its paint, in a way that really can’t be faked. I would never replace it. I might get a Pop’s deep carry on the Paramilitary 3 before I develop an attachment to it.

My Native has seen less pocket time since I came to the blog. But it lives in my workshop in the tray where I toss my keys, wallet, and phone when I don’t want to have to waste 15 minutes looking for them when I am trying to leave. If I am on my way out and left my knife in the house, I will grab it.


What is your most “well-loved” knife? 


  1. Sam L. says:

    My Boy Scout knife that I bought many, many years ago, and have sharpened the belly clean off.

  2. J- says:

    What the hell do you people sharpen knives with? A piece of sidewalk?

    1. Sam L. says:

      The over-exuberence and inexperience of youth.

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Question of the Day: Your most “well-loved” knife…

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