Question of the Day: Any Steel in your Stocking?


No knives in my stocking (as far as I know), but my daughter is getting her Red Ryder this year.

All of us at TTAK would like to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas. I am sitting here watching the end of my first yearly screening of A Christmas Story and basking in the light of the tree. The presents are out, including my 6 year old daughter’s first Red Ryder. I thought about a Leatherman Leap for her, but I didn’t want to cannibalize the significance of her first (quasi) firearm. So the Leap will wait for her next birthday. Thing 2 is a month shy of 4, and while he is not getting any tools of his own this year, he has started to use knives and even made several ornaments with the band-saw this Christmas.

It may be too obvious of a question, but I am going with it anyway.

Is there any steel under your tree this year? Is it a gift to or from you?


  1. Pat Carver says:

    Two Benchmade knives, plus lead and brass.

  2. Jon M. says:

    Hardcore Carpenter’s Hatchet and sheath!

  3. Kap says:

    3 Indian Kurkris, 1 Jungle Kukri, 3 opinal engraved, 1 united folding Kukri, 1 zombie blood Katana, 1 Kiss my Bass folder! 1 Fast hawk!
    Merry Christmas

  4. ChuckN says:

    An Ontario RAT 3 in D2.

  5. Sam L. says:

    Nope, but there are gift cards w/ which I might purchase same. Well, there WAS steel, but it was a stainless steel travel mug. That I asked for, for sentimental reasons of my past, which will not be revealed. (I am a man of mystery…)

  6. Evan says:

    SOG Tactical Tomahawk, Smith & Wesson SWFR2S, Smith & Wesson CKTACBS, Smith & Wesson CKLPB, Smith’s sharpening stone, and a Smith’s Pocket Pal.

  7. Raina Collins says:

    None for me, but my fiance is getting a Mantis Vuja De soon after the holiday.

  8. Jeff O. says:

    My youngest son got his first knife – a little Gerber lockback (the third in the house now). My middle son got a Shrade Old Timer lockback from his adopted granddad, and I got a Knives of Alaska ulu with walnut scales. Not a bad haul!

  9. My youngest(and only) son who is three, got a CRKT wood building lockback knife from his grandparents. We put it together yesterday and today I woodburned his name into the handle of the knife. It’s quite the nifty little contraption.

  10. Roger says:

    I got a white Case Mini-Copperlock. Which I just love. It’s been in my pocket ever since.

    I gave six swiss army knives, farmer and electricians. Two “nathan’s knife kits” for kids on my list. And three small Case Texas Toothpicks.

  11. gerald brennan says:

    A Syderco Tenacious. Proof my sons love me. Of course, I suppose I dropped enough hints…


  12. Brandon says:

    Got a nice Boker Kwaiken with titanium scales and VG-10 blade

  13. jlottmc says:

    I got a Leatherman Rebar, and CS2 Juice, as well as a Kershaw Cryo. My wife received a Smith and Wesson model unknown, but with a pink anodized handle. We gave a package of two SOG Key knives with the little lockblade folder and a Nathan’s Knife from CRKT to my cousin and his step son. I also did a Kershaw Shuffle as a To: Me From: Me gift. My daughter now has a Crickett .22, and a Daisy Red Ryder (with a pink stock of course), and I need to build a trap for the Daisy.
    So yes, plenty of steel, both inbound and outbound.

  14. Steve in MA says:

    I got a Sharpmaker. This thing is fucking awesome.

    1. Does an excellent job for about 80% of knife sharpening with virtually no effort. Also the best way to sharpen a serrated knife that I have ever tried. Love mine. I have had it for almost 15 years.

      1. Steve in MA says:

        I’ve done a Delica and a Buck 119 so far. Both started off very dull and were shaving hair within 15 minutes. Now I just need to get the ultra fine stone. I also need to find a bag of about 20 knives that I lost about 8 months ago in my house somewhere.

  15. JamesB Knoxville says:

    My daughter (10) gave me a Victorinox Explorer Plus. We already call it the “Tallulah” knife.

  16. Spence says:

    Leatherman Wingman and Kershaw Blur. I was pretty stoked and am currently enjoying them in my EDC rotation.

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Question of the Day: Any Steel in your Stocking?

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