Question of the Day: Any steel in your stockings?


Did Santa leave steel in anyone’s stocking this year?

Santa took time out of his busy worldwide crime spree to deliver goodies to the Aalders house. Grammy and Mama got their own Thrunite Ti3 Flashlights. Already owning one of those, I instead I found my very own Mora spoon carving knife nestled among the oranges and marshmallow snowmen in my stocking.

Reader Bill J. is a high-school classmate of mine. He is a successful professional, his hobby is carving spoons. This has progressed to the next step where he has started selling his wares at local art shows.

You can check out his work at his Facebook Page, Willey Creek Spoon and Utensil.

What about you all? Did Santa leave anyone in your house any stocking-steel this year?


  1. AW1Ed says:

    Me? Nope. But both BILs got a Kershaw Leek with the composite blade from me. Thanks for the head’s up on that, Clay.

  2. stuartb says:

    A cool Yule Skeletool!

  3. Kevin76 says:

    No steel stocking suffers here, but I finally got an old fashioned stiletto switchblade last month on my birthday. It’s not the most practical knife, but it’s been on my wishlist since I was a kid and before they were legal here.

    The spoon carving knife does bring up a topic I have been wondering about for a while. I’ve been meaning to write in to ask about different kinds of special purpose knives ever since I was doing some leather carving with a swivel knife a few weeks ago, and the spoon knife looks just about as specialized as a swivel knife. The general purpose knives I usually see here are pretty cool, but nothing beats having just the right knife for whatever job you’re doing.

    1. I carved a spoon in my review of the LT Wright GNS, doing everything except the bowl with it. Nothing can replace the hook knife for sure, but mine was only sharpened on one side, unlike the double edged one that Clay pictured above.

  4. I got very lucky this year. I got the Becker/Doug Ritter RSK Mk2 that I wanted, as well as a micarta Condor Bushlore, and an antique Buck Knives Arkansas stone/honing kit!

    1. Jon M. says:

      Nice, congratulations! How do you like the blade profile vs the originals?

      1. The blade profile of the Mk2? The grind geometry is actually very similar to the BK9. The knife overall feels very balanced in the hand. The handle scales are old Camillus stock, and they are a little thicker and have slightly more texture than the Ka-Bar versions… I like it very much!

  5. dph says:

    I got a Halfachance and an Obake from CRKT. I’m going to try out the Halfachance tomorrow clearing some brush.

  6. Anchampion03 says:

    Snagged a cold steel Rajia 3
    Nice little workhorse

  7. Jonathan says:

    Esee 6. Pretty much the only thing that would fit in the stocking. Too bad cause I would have liked some scotch

  8. boardsnbikes says:

    Santa was a few weeks early but he sent me a Spyderco Para-Military 2 with CPM-S35VN steel. A welcome addition to the ZT 0566 in my carry rotation. Thanks Santa!

  9. Larry Miller says:

    I got a custom buck 110 with stag handle, brass bolsters, engraved name on bolsters,
    with S30V steel plain edge. Great looking and cuts like fury.

  10. slp says:

    This has been the Christmas of Knives for me: an ESEE 4, a Boker Kwaiken Tuxedo, a Buck Vantage Pro S30V, and a CRKT Sakimori. I’ve pledged to EDC them all, but I’m going to have to figure out how to do that with a knife as big as the Sakimori …

  11. cwp says:

    Vintage Benchmade Elishewitz Stryker 910SBT, still in the original packaging.

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Question of the Day: Any steel in your stockings?

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