Question of the Day: Are you “Mono-laminous”, or is your EDC situation “Complicated”?


It’s Complicated.

A while back, a reader suggested the term “laminaphobe” to refer to the specific subcategory of hoplophobia that involves knives. From the Latin “lamina” or blade, it it isn’t a word found in Websters. Maybe someday it will be, and TTAK used it first.

I picked up a Kershaw Leek D2 Compsite a couple of weeks ago. I love it,  I will do a “First Impression” review sometime in the next two weeks, but the knife has complicated my relationship with my other EDCs.


My Benchmade Mini-Griptillian had gradually taken over the primary EDC duties from my Spyderco Native.  This was more than partially a function of the knife showing its age. The Native’s pin is working loose a touch but there are a couple of other things I prefer about the Grip have caused the breakup. But I go back from time to time. Mostly this is because I left the other in my pants in the basement bathroom, or I have misplaced it entirely.

Complicating things, I found a new love. Or least infatuation. I love the cool, smooth feel of the scales. But what I really like about the Leek is it is my first assisted opener, and I find myself flipping it at inappropriate times. This is annoying my wife, and making the Benchmade jealous as it sits on the dresser top.

I carried my Native today. The pants I was wearing had a funky pocket and the slick surface and thin profile of the Leek let it slide from my pocket. But I had a fling with a CRKT Minimalist when I cubed a pineapple this afternoon.

What I want to know is, is your EDC relationship complicated?


A quick houskeeping note: Thanks for bearing with us during our outage.  Hopefully the DDoS attack that knocked us and TTAG offline for more than 36 hours has been fully resolved. I will pass along more information when I hear more from the bosses.



  1. stuartb says:

    Its no coincidence I have a matching number of EDCs and EDPs (Every Day Pants). They pair up and get pulled on together in the morning depending on my fashion choice! Call me fickle, but at least this way I get to play with all my favorites and enjoy the virtues of each. Does that make me a philanderlaminer or just polylaminous?

  2. freezercharlie says:

    I carry a lightning otf for my work knife at the moment, in my left pocket, so that’s easy. But any other time I’m torn. I like the looks/feel of me Kershaw one-ton, but the thumb stud on the clip side catches pretty significantly on my pocket. And I’m not super proficient at deploying with my left hand. So I may or may not also carry my Kershaw asset in my right pocket. Assisted opener with the flipper, but on my right side where i also have my sidearm in an iwb, so it adds a slight obstacle to quick deployment.

    I have other knives to choose from, but I like the one-ton, it’s way cooler than a $20 knife has a right to be. And the problem on the right side isn’t the knife, it’s the holster.

    It’s cold enough now that my light and multi-tool can be in a coat pocket. But when it warms up that’s always a problem for me. . .

  3. Rick says:

    Right now I’m neglecting all my other knives in favor of a Benchmade Adamas folder. It’s a little heavy, but I always wear jeans so it’s not a big deal. The thing is just so well made I can’t seem to make myself go back to my other knives; I’m even thinking of getting a second one. 🙂

  4. stuartb says:

    Ooh, twins!

  5. My Benchmade Mini Griptilian lives in my right front pocket 85% of the time. The other 15% is split between a case mini trapper( for when I don’t feel comfortable carrying a locking knife due to location) and a small fixed Utica Catksill hunter for when I know I might need something a little more heavy duty( IE traveling to see family in the boonies).

  6. Dan Zimmerman says:

    I’m so fickle. But I tend toward a few regulars. Mostly the Dragonfly 2, Mini Grip and my new fave, the Al Mar Hawk Ultralight. Oh and an Alox Cadet, too. Sometimes more than one at a time.

    Is that wrong?

  7. knightofbob says:

    These days, I generally stick with my Benchmade 530, black coated and serrated. It’s actually the first knife I’ve carried that I regularly use the pocket clip for. I usually prefer in-pocket carry, but this one is so slim and light that it’s easy to lose in keys or change. Plus, the thin profile and minimal handle size make it less likely to attract attention should I need to use it in public (or on campus) than some smaller knives I’ve carried in the past. If I’m ever actually concerned about printing, I can just eschew the clip temporarily and all but forget I have it. My current situation rarely sees the need for anything more heavy duty, and even then I can plan for it and go dig the trusty Griptilian out of the toolbox.

  8. Raina Collins says:

    I’m very poly. I usually carry a purple FFG Endura or pink FFG Delica when I’m off. For work, I switch it up between Cold Steel’s clip Voyager or a Recon 1 that I modded to a wharncliffe. Sometimes a clip Griptilian, cheapo assisted karambit, or balisong makes it in there. I’ve tried borrowing my bf’s CS Spartan, but that thing is HUGE for my hand. A decade-old first gen Leatherman Wave lives in my purse with a Victorinox super tinker.

  9. CycloneHouse says:

    I’ve been carrying a Boker Kwaiken with the Vg10 steel, carbon fiber scales, and smokewash blade. It’s a sexy mail slayer and I like that its smooth surface and titanium clip won’t fray my pockets. I wouldn’t like that smooth surface for heavy utility tasks. If I think an attack of cardboard or other chores is imminent, I’ll carry the Kershaw Blur with the Tanto point. It’s tacticool but after lots of use I much prefer a drop point blade.

  10. Roger says:

    I carry a rotation. The only steady knife I carry is my waved Endura though.

  11. Sid says:

    My EDC is a locking razor knife. It is mostly used for opening boxe and envelopes. Changing a razor blade is quicker than restoring an edge.

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Question of the Day: Are you “Mono-laminous”, or is your EDC situation “Complicated”?

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