Question of the Day: Blade “Bucket List”?


The Blade Show is only a couple of weeks away. Whom do I need to meet and what do I need to see?

The 2014 Blade Show is June 6-8, and I am thrilled to get a chance to attend. (hopefully with Chris) This is going to be the highlight of my still young career as a knife blogger. I am really looking forward to expanding my horizons, soaking up as much knowledge as I can, and handling some really cool gear.

My questions for you all are:

Whom do I need to make a point of meeting? What makers do I need to make an effort to be sure I see? What do you want to see featured on the blog?

I will start compiling my list and will do my best to check as many as I can in a couple of weeks.


  1. I_Like_Pie says:

    I would love to see some trade related knives/edged tools.

    Pocket knives are great, but there is a whole world of specialty edged tools used by workers all over the world.

    1. DrewN says:

      This x 1000. More kitchen knives, reviewed by someone who works in a real kitchen (sorry home cooks, it’s just not the same). Maybe butcher knives, by a real old school butcher. Dive knives, rescue knives, wood working knives, etc. This site’s focus is far too narrow, there’s a whole world of knives beyond folders and tactical.

      1. Nathan says:

        True, but the staff here is small, and this Chris taking a step back it’s even more difficult. If you have any write ups, feel free to send them to us

      2. Hey Drew…
        I actually have a couple of professional chef friends whom have tentatively agreed to do some writing and reviews for us.

        In the mean time, I will make a “point” of seeking out some chef knives while I am here.

  2. Miles J says:

    Spyderco and ESEE come to mind. Also if David Boye knives are there that would be nivce to review.
    Interested in the cobalt blade material.

  3. Sam L. says:

    You should meet A. G. Russell.

  4. Nathan says:

    Ditch the production knives. That’s what SHOT is for. Go straight for the custom makers and fondle their knives because you may never get another chance to. Bob Terzoula is my grail maker, to give you a starting point

    1. Terry Warlock says:

      Pretty much this. It’s cool to see the new lineup from the Big Name conpanies, but the unique, the artful, the handmade perfection is what you really should go for. Maybe a mix of new guys like American Kami with classics like Ken Onion.

      Coverage would be nice if it were a 50/50 of Hot Knife Porn Unobtanium from the many fine craftsmen there and new or interesting variations from the big manufacturers, especially the collaborations.

    2. Terry Warlock says:

      (also please stop by Brian Tighe’s table, I like his stuff very much!)

  5. Mike L says:

    Bob Dozier. He has one of those really big personalities and is a hoot to chat with. You will enjoy the show. See the best there is. Talk to real craftsmen and craftswomen. Not worth the trip if all you are interested in is something to chop up chum. This is the place where guys who spend years learning their craft come together. They show the end result of days, weeks and months of effort. They would like to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. So you won’t see too many 12 dollar knives.

  6. Tom in Oregon says:

    Al Mar knives.
    Gary is a really neat, down to earth guy.
    Get your neck brace ready.

  7. Josh in TX says:

    Lots of states are liberalizing auto knife laws. Maybe see what’s in the offering there….piranhas, microtechs, New stuff. Also, custom knife porn with interesting colors, machining, materials, and shapes. Tactical knives are great, but please share the weird and wonderful. Also, if the knife rights guys or similar groups are there, it would be interesting to see what irons they have in the fire, and where extra letters and phone calls could be most effective.

    1. I am going to feature autos prominently as Tennessee is one of those states that is going to allow them again. I am looking at a Benchmade Adamas at the moment, but the pool of potential candidates is wide open at this point.

  8. Zack P says:

    Southern Grind (zac brown the country music singers knife company) – try to get an interview
    ZT. – the emerson collaboration

    Please see if you can contact knife makers and get interviews on the website. Vid or text is fine. Ask them about their designs, material choices, locks, choices they make, personal favs, etc.

    1. Great suggestion. I am going to reach out to several before the show to see if I can set something up.

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Question of the Day: Blade “Bucket List”?

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