Question of the Day: Do you have a “Gentleman’s Folder”?

Gentleman's Folder

A couple of things brought this question front and center in my mind.  First, I wrote about the release of the DPx Gear Aculus the other day which would certainly fit the description for me. It is a finer than average implement, with detailing and styling that are beyond merely functional. I felt the same way about my Kershaw D2 Composite Blackwash Leek. (review). Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, I misplaced it before I left for Blade and it still hasn’t turned up.

A couple of weeks ago I was on the phone with John Centore, the “Pops” of Pop’s Customs Clips, helping connect him with the winner of the custom clip from our essay contest. I mentioned in passing that I needed to order a new clip for a hypothetical replacement Leek that I would be buying. It was a throwaway line and not at all a solicitation, but a new clip arrived in the mail yesterday. Completely unnecessary, I feel highly enough about his deep carry clips (I have one on my Mini-Grip as well), that I would gladly pony up my own cash for one. Several of you have picked clips up of your own, and I have heard nothing but satisfaction from folks about their purchase.


I need to get a new Leek to go with my new Pop’s Custom Clip.

The new clip that Pop’s sent me is the standard titanium clip for the Leek. My previous one was the thinner “Stealth” clip. This one seems to be more robust, and still quite attractive. If I am not mistaken, the standard clip can also be made with extra water-jet detailing on a custom basis. If not, there are some pretty cool designs that are available standard on a similar clip in Pop’s Etsy Store.

I have written to Kershaw to see if I qualify for an industry discount if I buy a new Leek from them. If not, I will have to buy one online or at SMKW. I will post a pic of the knife with the new clip when I pick one up soon. I will be getting one. While I have enjoyed carrying and testing the CRKT Hootenanny and Gerber Propel, I miss the Leek. It is far and away my favorite EDC, especially when something bigger or chunkier might draw unwanted attention or simply feel inappropriate.

Do you have a particular knife that you pair with dressier clothes? Ladies, this would apply to you as well. Is it one you always or often carry, or is it saved for special occasions?



  1. Matt in FL says:

    I bought three Kershaw knives in the recent Woot promotion featured here. One was a Cryo, which goes with me to work every day, because it’s chunkier for a whole-hand grip and “sturdier” feeling. The other two were both Leeks, one in Blackwash (no composite blade, sadly) and the other in the matte black Carbon coating. The Blackwash is my everyday in my pocket knife, and the Carbon is the “dressier” one.

  2. Robert Evans says:

    Only knife I have that fits that description is a Remington pen knife with mother-of-pearl handle scales. It’s so dressy that I keep it in the drawer with my jewelry, and, since I so rarely dress up, it sees little use.

  3. Roger says:

    I have a collection of Case Copperlocks, and mini copperlocks, in various colors that I match to my tie or shirt for each occasion. Five colors: Orange Peel, Blue Bone, White Delrin, John Deere Green, Purple Jigged Bone. Each match three or four ties in my vast professional collection.

  4. Jim Bullock says:

    I have a smaller Spiderco which goes nicely with the monkey suit and variations on it.

    That one conformed to the limitations being considered by the TSA during that brief, hopeful moment when maybe they were gonna “allow” any knives at all on planes among the passengers. It’s also fashion-consultant compliant.

    As a friction folder, I *maybe*, *possibly* could even carry this in NYC without getting thrown in the stir for lugging a weapon of mass destruction about in my pants. (Sorry. I couldn’t resist that.) It especially doesn’t look scary, so spins people up less.

  5. Sam L. says:

    I have a William Henry, black scales, black blade, Wharncliff, in a black pouch. Also a couple Henckels, 2-bladed, 1/8″ thick.

  6. skinnedknuckles says:

    I had a great Kershaw “gentleman’s folder” that was a robust form of the Swiss Army Knife (blade, scissors, nail file) that I carried for almost 40 years before the blade had been sharpened down too much. This was a great knife, great size, stainless steel scales and I can’t find anyone who makes one similar today. The standard SAK has too narrow a blade for my comfort. With some of the crazy attitudes toward knives, I like a friction knife for “dress up”, but I was once refused admission to the bull riding show for carrying that little Kershaw, if you can believe it. Had to take it back to the car. And I mailed it home twice when I realized in the security line at the airport that I had forgotten to put it in my check bag (it was a gift from my wife).

  7. Sher Khan says:

    My “dress-up” carry knife is an A.G. Russell “Funny Knife” I received from my son. It alternates with a small Buck knife (a 505 model, I think) that I inherited from my father. I cherish them both, for memories as much as for functionality.

  8. S10 says:

    I think I could press the Sanrenmu 7076 into this role.

  9. Steve In MA (now RI) says:

    I have a buck stockman with rosewood scales that has been my dress knife. I can’t justify spending more for a dressier knife on my budget.

  10. I have several, but I have two go-to’s right now.

    One is a Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 with bocote inlays and gold anodized thumbstud. Fantastic knife and sweet looks!

    My other is a Three Rivers Slip Joint TNK Edition. I think they recently renamed it the TR-LTC200 (Legal To Carry). Despite being non-locking it is one hand opening like the Spyderco UK Penknife series.

    Blade is CPM154 and it has a blue anodized titanium frame with overlaid carbon fiber scales and a deep carry clip. Looks classy in jeans too as the blue blends in with denim more than a polished clip. This is what I would carry if in New York or if I need a smaller blade (like in Boston, etc) than the Sebbie.

  11. Robert H says:

    I carry a Boker Kwaiken in the carbon fiber handle and smokewash Vg10 configuration. It’s a real mail slayer and looker, but the grip leaves something to be desired for heavy cutting chores.

  12. cwp says:

    Benchmade 886SBT, although I’m not sure it really qualifies as a “gentleman’s folder.”

  13. Grindstone says:

    I don’t have many knives, and nearly all of them are utilitarian. Recently I got a CRKT Pazoda II which I find is perfect for my “gentleman’s folder” as it is small and light and very subtle, unlike my usual EDC of a ZT 0560, which is big, heavy, and has no apologies for being so. I recently attended a funeral and found the ZT to be way too chunky to carry in slacks, and I didn’t have any other knives with me. So for the first time in a long time, I was knifeless. Now I have that gap bridged with my micro-knife with the Pazoda II.

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Question of the Day: Do you have a “Gentleman’s Folder”?

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