Question of the Day: Do You Have Any Pimped Knives?

Good pic of the rock pattern

This is my Zero Tolerance 0550. As you can tell, this is not how it comes from the factory. I had a pimp job done to it from TuffThumbz on YouTube. If you don’t know, he started pimping his own knives and people eventually wanted him to do theirs. Now he’s even making his own knives.

I decided to have mine pimped after my coworker dropped my ZT. The blade had a couple of small chips near the tip. I had the blade resharpened, the titanium anodized purple, the blade and clip acid stonewashed, and the G10 scale was replaced with one with a rock pattern on it. I wanted a moon glow scale (glows in the dark) but he was all out of it.

The backside with purple titanium

The backside with purple titanium

I love this knife even more than before. Getting a custom pimp jobs gives your knife a lot of character. This is just the low end of what can be done to a knife. He, as well as many others, can do pretty much anything you can think of to a knife. I suggest you give it a try.

More purple awesomeness

More purple awesomeness

Staring it down

Staring it down


  1. Mark Davis says:

    Nice knife! I’d like to see a review of the ZT 0550.

    I don’t have any pimped knives, but I did remove the cheesy black coating from the blade and lock bar on my Cold Steel American Lawman. It looks much better now.

    1. Nathan says:

      Initial impressions are fantastic. A full review requires more time

  2. Steve in MA says:

    I will trade you a Byrd Meadowlark 2 for that Zero Tolerance. Think about it

  3. Robert says:

    I don’t hesitate to alter my knives to suit my own needs. One of the easiest examples is to swap out the handle scales on a Becker BK5: upgrade Micarta scales are available as an aftermarket option.

    I also altered my Randall Model 1 by grinding down the ricasso a bit so that I don’t cut myself when choking up on the blade; I also added decorative filework to the brass pommel.

    On folders burrs often need to be removed, and edges de-horned so that they don’t shred a pocket. Sometimes with a wooden handle I’ll remove the factory finish and do a better job myself.

    1. Aharon says:

      I too own a Becker BK5. It’s a great knife. A friend and I stripped-off the outer black coating and removed a few rough spot imperfections. Then we soaked the blade in vinegar to give it an old knife look and a new protective coating. Lastly, I added micarta scales and used new stainless steel bolts to secure the new scales. Currently, my next plans are to replace the plastic Ka-Bar Becker sheath with a new kydex or leather one.

  4. David says:

    Well, y’all have seen my Cold Steel Spearhead plus wood & tape to make a short sword, knife, knife, implement of penetration, etc. 🙂 Review coming shortly of the knifecenter gear I got from it.

  5. Matt in FL says:

    I don’t have any pimped out knives, but yours looks pretty sharp.

  6. Charlie Johnson says:

    I’m not sure you can call any of my self-modified knives ‘pimped’, but I mod just about every knife I get my hands on. They usually turn out much uglier, but work (especially for me) much better.

  7. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    I’m in the opposite direction. I de-pimp my knives, and most need it.
    I took some soft steel wool to the scales of Ken Onion’s Ripple to give it
    the appearance of wear and use. Also sanded the black anodizing off the
    scales edges of a Benchmade automatic for the same effect. I don’t own
    any knives just for fondling, I use all of my knives as the tools they are.
    I rough them up so I don’t have to obsess over them when they get a
    few nicks and dents from use. $400-$1,200 for a Sebenza or Hinderer?
    Get real. It ain’t me,…it ain’t me,…I ain’t no millionaire’s son no, no.
    The only knife that remains pimped, is a Laguiole steak knife that was
    a gift from my brother. Other than that, all of my blades look well used,
    because they all are.

  8. aitor says:

    How much did this pimp job run you? Total.. shipping/handling.etc…

    1. Nathan says:

      $150+shipping to get it to him. He paid shipping to get it back

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Question of the Day: Do You Have Any Pimped Knives?

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