Question of the Day; Do you keep your knife boxes?

Above is an image of just a few of the dozens and dozens of knife boxes that have been collecting dust in my  house. I honestly don’t know why I still have them, I don’t store any of my knives in them when not in use. For some reason though I keep them, and they are either put into a closet, or stacked in random places.

Obviously with some knives, the boxes and materials the knife comes with our part of the value of the knife. As well, some boxes come with certain markings or notices indicating that the knife is an original to that creator. With these knives it makes sense to keep everything intact and in great shape because it adds to the value of the knife if you ever resell it. For example, this little fixed blade below from came with a certificate of authenticity signed by the maker, as well as a card with the creation date, and materials used.

But for your basic production knife the boxes basically mean nothing. I think the reason that I keep them is they remind me of the initial excitement I get when opening a new knife. The packaging is exceptionally important to the first impression of any item, and conveys what the maker is trying to express. This is why retail blister packaging is never kept…it is a throw away packaging, while a knife box, tube, or case is designed to look appealing, and make it feel as if you are opening a present on Christmas day.

So, Do you keep your knife boxes? Why or Why not?


  1. elcas says:

    nope …

  2. Sam L. says:

    Some, for no obvious reason.

  3. knightofbob says:

    In general, yes. I only used to if I bought the knife as a collectible, but at some point SOG left Seki, and my Pentagon went from “carry” to “collectible.” I was glad I still had the box to put it back in. If it’s obvious I’m never going to resell for value, the box goes.

  4. Mark says:

    No. Never.

  5. John G. says:

    Guilty as charged, I’ve kept nearly every box.

  6. Roger says:

    If the knife came with a lot of “extras” then I will. But usually I do not.

  7. cmeat says:

    useful for packaging gift presentations to those squeamish and hoplophobic relatives and friends that we all have to bear.

  8. Louis muss says:

    I sold my entire slipjoint collection about two months ago ,had all the boxes if I didn’t I think it would have lowered the value

  9. sagebrushracer says:


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Question of the Day; Do you keep your knife boxes?

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