Question Of The Day: Do You ‘Like’ To ‘Share’?

Image courtesy LeathermanAs the editor around here, it’s part of my job to surf the Twitter posts of all kinds of gear and knife manufacturers and writers. I notice lots of give-away contests from manufacturers and retailers, but only a few of them have been worth passing on to you.

One unfortunate trend I’m noticing is that these give-away contests are coming with more and more invisible strings attached…

Take the Leatherman/Led Lenser/Goal Zero contest swag in the picture above.  Leatherman is giving away some cool gear on their Facebook page: a multi-tool with extra tool bits, an LED headlamp, and a solar battery charger. That’s some great gear to have if you find yourself off the grid (voluntarily or otherwise) for extended periods. But there’s a catch: you have to “Like” and “Share” three separate Facebook pages in order to enter.

Leatherman is a solid company and their MUT kicks serious ass, but my personal rule is that I never “Like” or “Share” any commercial Facebook content. Maybe it’s already too late to live a private life in this Internet age, but I’m not going to hand over all of my friends, interests and hobbies to every marketing mastermind out there.

It’s bad enough that they already get my name, email and IP address when I enter some of the contests on Aaron Spuler’s contest page. But I’m not giving them any more than that, and I’m sure as hell not going to betray all my friends in the process.

So I don’t enter Facebook contests like this. The question of the day is, do you?


  1. Edgehill says:

    I’m the same way. No Facebook contests. I don’t have the same issue with twitter if the contest has good swag, but I will never do Facebook contests.

  2. Cliff says:

    No, I would never enter a contest that wanted me to rat out my friends.

  3. chuck k says:

    People who like knives and especially guns should be really careful about things like this.

    1. Gman says:

      I don’t do Facebook or Twitter
      for contests or anything else.

  4. David says:

    I got rid of my facebook account for reasons like this one. If the fed wants to use a super computer w/ algorithm(s) designed by a team of the greatest geeks on the planet in order to search the internet for my activity then I am probably screwed.
    However, I will not post my info (or that of my friends) so that every bouncer, lone officer, potential employer, stalker, etc. can have ready made intelligence w/ a few mouse clicks.

  5. Loyd says:

    I don’t have Facebook, so the whole “like our page and enter this raffle” thing is a non-starter for me. Then there are the other concerns about data mining and so forth

  6. Sam L. says:

    I don’t have a “smart” phone, I don’t do Facebook (computer geek tells me many viruses come thru it) or Twitter. I spend enough time online. And yes, my friends are my friends which is why I remove names from forwards and don’t send out stuff to multiple addresses.

    1. Mark N. says:

      I am the same. I have never “Facebooked”, never intend to. Don’t have a smart phone, nor see any reason to; all I need a phone to do is make and receive calls and texts. There are gun giveaways that I haven’t entered for the same reason. I understand that companies want to be on Facebook for the visibility, but .coms work for me just as well.

  7. Aharon says:

    Absolutely not! I will not like, subscribe to, or whatever on Facebook or elsewhere giving out my information. Websites that demand I post a comment following a news story using my Facebook address as reference do not get my comment.

    1. BLAMMO says:

      I wouldn’t have a Facebook page on a bet.

  8. Matt in FL says:

    I have a Facespace page, but I only use it to read about the exploits of some distant friends I don’t talk to often. I don’t post on it, and I don’t “Like” and “Share” things, so any contests that require that are lost on me.

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Question Of The Day: Do You ‘Like’ To ‘Share’?

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