Question of the Day: Has TTAK turned you into a “knife-geek?”


Not my complete collection, rather what was within 25′ of me when I started to write.

If you had told me 4 years ago that I would find myself spending upwards of an hour a day playing with and writing about knives I wouldn’t have believed you. While I was a TTAG reader, TTAK was not yet a thing. Knives were just a ubiquitous tool that I used in dozens of capacities throughout my work, hobby, and everyday lives. I knew a good knife when I used one, I knew the big knife companies and owned a couple of Spydercos and a Benchmade. However, names like Ethan Becker, Doug Ritter, Chris Reeve, even Ken Onion meant nothing to me. I was an avid user, not an enthusiast.

Jumping ahead, I never imagined that knives would become such a major part of my life. Even when I am not sitting down writing, I am frequently checking Google, Reddit, and dozens of other sources that I mine for content. I am acutely aware of what has been published whether it be mine or another writer’s piece. I know what I am working on, have scheduled, or even would love to get to if I had about 12 more hours in the day.

Many of you all have left comments about knives we have reviewed. Especially rewarding is when I learn that our testing has led you to purchase a new knife. To my knowledge we have not yet led anyone astray (please let us know if you disagree with our assessment of a knife).

I am interested in learning if the blog has encouraged you to start or continue a journey of knife-geekdom.

Prior to TTAK, were you a knife enthusiast? Have you crossed over to the dark side since beginning to read TTAK and gone full-on “knife geek”?

Which rabbit holes have we inspired you to dive down? What would you like to see in the future?



  1. PeterK says:

    I am still not in “enthusiast” territory, but give it time, haha. I do really like knives. How they are made. How they function. Will I ever learn to properly sharpen them. 🙂

  2. stuartb says:

    … affirmative ….

  3. Spencer says:

    Collecting knives has been a slowly developing addiction for me; twenty or so years ago I had little to no interest in them.

  4. I was a knife nerd before, but a TTAK has definitely made me a much more knowledgeable one.

  5. Sam L. says:

    I was, way before this. What first caught my interest was a Gerber Mk. II on display in a window box by a store in a mall, in ’67. Finally bought one in ’69.

    1. My dad immigrated from Holland in ’68

  6. Dr. Vinnie Boombotz says:

    Yes. I came over from TTAG. I have been an impulsive gun buyer for many years with a pretty good record of purchases. A few mistakes, but I’ve got pretty good sense and a limited budget. Thanks to TTAK(damn you) I’ve purchased knives from Johnny Stout, Randy Levensailor and across the price/quality spectrum to entry-level CRKT. I happen to be in south Texas and know Johnny and Randy personally but had never bought their stuff until this last year. I’m so screwed now! Oh well, life’s too short to smoke cheap cigars……..

    1. Or well hootch. Drink the good stuff.

  7. Grindstone says:

    I’m not a huge knife person, but I enjoy reading about knives, and I plan on making my own when I get the equipment. But TTAK did not turn me on to knives, I found it while looking up some knives.

    1. Thanks for sticking around and becoming a regular commentor.

  8. samuraichatter says:

    I was already a geek and into sharpy bangy things. TTAK covers the “other” section of weaponry and 2A related stuff it was already up my alley.

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Question of the Day: Has TTAK turned you into a “knife-geek?”

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