Question of the Day: Have you bought a knife on our recommendation?


I bought my Mora on Chris’s recommendation

David and I discussed many things during our Blade Show pilgrimage last week. One thing we discussed is the sense that TTAK is becoming more of a recognizable name and people responded very positively to us and what we are doing. Our news and knife rights pieces are getting noticed by people in the industry, and the makers and companies whose knives we have reviewed are very happy with the thoroughness of our testing and the quality of our writing.

What is not so clear is if it is making a difference to you all. It is one thing for us to give you our opinion of a given tool, but opinions are like bungholes as they say. Have we established the sort of credibility with our readers that translates into your making a purchase?

I bought my Mora Bushcraft based on the review that Chris had written on the Long Clip and the various reader comments on the Companion. It wasn’t a major investment, but the knife has proven to be my go-to knife for guiding, and I feel strange any time I bring a different knife to the water. I wrote what I consider my magnum opus knife review on my Bushcraft.

Have you ever bought a knife based on something you have read on TTAK?

I apologize for my posting drought. Huge thanks to David for holding down the fort. I am hard at work on my Wilmont Wharny review, and while I am 2200 words in, I still have a solid night’s writing and picture sorting left. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Sure have. Bought an ESEE Izula due to David’s recommendation and review. Although I went with the Izula I versus the Izula II.

  2. sagebrushracer says:

    Yes, your favorable review of the VG-10 steel used in many spyderco knives made me purchase a Endura 4 light with a Full Flat Grind for EDC. Its decent at almost everything, so it stays with me.

    Edit: Oh yeah, and Moras. love me some scandi grind tools that are CHEAP and FUNCTIONAL. I suspect a Opinel will be next.

  3. ohshawn says:

    Yep, I’ve bought at least two bc of your reviews, keep em comin’

    1. Which ones did you get, out of curiosity?

  4. cmeat says:

    three so far.
    i enjoy the reviews and investigating the links to various manufacturers and suppliers.
    big time.

    1. Same question as for ohshawn above. Which three did you get?

      1. cmeat says:

        mora bushcraft. I had been looking for an e.a.berg. i didn’t know what scandi grind was then. more like sharpening a chisel. and the grind on mine starts out wider at the hilt and narrows at the belly to the tip.
        kershaw leek, composite blade. delicate tip, rather it was partially serrated. it has replaced my crkt full throttle, mostly.
        crkt eraser. found it large for city edc. still enamored of the blade design. it now lives in a marine’s pocket.
        andi now pay stricter attention to country of origin.

  5. jlottmc says:

    I have bought a few by brand, and stayed away from other brands (I’m looking at you Gerber), though I was pretty much leaning those directions anyway. It has been nice to see my biases confirmed, as well as seeing many new things to put on my want list.

  6. Spencer says:

    Not so far, though I’ve enjoyed learning the truth about the good, bad and mediocre in the marketplace.

    One thing I wonder about is if you guys have any opinions about hand-forged blades vs. modern shape-ground blades constructed from knife blanks. My understanding is modern steels are vastly superior to those of 100 or more years ago, yet the old forged blades seem to possess some extra bit of magic in their tempering and sharpness. It’s a phenomenon I’ve also noticed in my antique woodworking tools. Any thoughts?

  7. Jon M. says:

    Bought a Mora Bushcraft and Spyderco Delica because of TTAK, and that Delica is what’s turned me into a Spyderco junkie.

  8. AW1Ed says:

    Yep, a ZT 0350 Tiger Stripe flipper, for when my A-6 Auto wasn’t appropriate. Great knife.

  9. Jack says:

    I’ve bought a Buck 110 and several Opinels (personal and gifts) based on reviews. I’ve also spent an unreal amount at Smoky Mountain Knife Works based on the review of that store.

  10. keith johnson says:

    Bought a Mora Bushcraft based on an article.

  11. Jim Costello says:

    Bought two, actually. A Case Trapper and a Kershaw Leek bi-metal with the blackwash finish. Hate the Trapper, LOVE the Leek!

  12. Bob says:

    Bought a Cold Steel Mackinac Hunter, and promptly sent it back. Great build and good knife design, but had great difficulty in getting it closed – had to use the barrel of a pen to completely depress the lock back lever. This is the second Cold Steel lock back I’ve had problems with. They need to fix this. I still like Cold Steel, but will stay away from their lock backs until they get the blade release figured out. Be careful, these things are dangerous!

    1. I wonder if yours was an anomaly or if we experienced the same thing and I came down on the side of acceptability. Your comment made me go back and read my review. I mention the difficulty in both opening and closing the knife, and I caution beginners against closing one handed, I didn’t find it so bad as to be a deal breaker.

      I hope that my treatment of the springs was accurate to your experience, even if we reached different conclusions.

      1. Bob says:

        About a year ago, I purchased their Counter Point 2. Same problem, although the Counter Point is a much smaller knife, so I managed to deal with it, and am able to close the blade with some difficulty. At 6′, 200 lbs., and pretty good hand and arm strength, I don’t consider myself a wimpy guy, but to close the Mackinac Hunter, I still need to rely on the barrel of a pen to exert enough pressure to depress the locking bar. “Anomaly”, I don’t think so. A shame, as the knife has great potential, and the price is right. No problem with the Buck lock backs, and I’d replace my Buck with the Mackinac if I could just close the darn thing.

        1. I am sorry about your experience. It sucks having a cool tool fail to meet your needs. I hope that despite your experience, you found our review to be accurate and not misleading, and thank you for continuing to visit.

  13. Jeff O. says:

    After I won the Benchmade mini-Griptilian (EDC now!), I picked up a couple Moras after reading about them here.

  14. joleolsen says:

    Two or three so far, but many more in the wishlist.
    I have a Mora on the way, I love my Kershaw Leek in Blackwash. I am pretty sure that there is at least one other knife that you influenced me to purchase but I’ve kind of been on a buying spree so I don’t quite remember

  15. Jonathan says:

    I picked up a mora 860 for a buddy going on a trip and he loved it. Kinda want an LT Wright GNS based on the review

    1. Haven’t used one, but I got to handle one at Blade. Based on my limited exposure, I concur with David’s review.

  16. I_Like_Pie says:

    This site is probably worth at least a 20% increase in Mora knife sales in the USA. I know that I use them to get over the $35 shipping on amazon all the time. Have quite a few of them.

  17. Mike says:

    Yes – picked up a SOG Seal Pup for the BOB/get-home bag I’m putting together.

  18. S10 says:

    Not yet. But one of these days I’m going to get that Leek.

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Question of the Day: Have you bought a knife on our recommendation?

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