Question of the Day: His and Hers folders?


I thought a matched pair of Kershaw Leeks would be a good choice, one Blackwash and one Rainbow, but assisted-open is verboten in Baltimore.

At least once a week I get an email asking for a knife recommendation. They are usually pretty easy to field, but this one has me stumped. A friend from college wants to get a pair of his and hers engraved folders for EDC use for Christmas.

That’s easy, I thought. A Kershaw Leek. Specifically, a composite Blackwash one for him, and either the rainbow or nickle finish one for her. One problem, they live in Baltimore. As David has described in detail, the ambiguity in Baltimore knife laws led to the Freddie Gray fiasco. This obviously won’t work.

I have a couple of ideas, but nothing that I feel strongly about to this point. So I figure I would turn the tables and instead of answering the question myself, I am going to toss it out there to the Edged Intelligentsia for input and advice.

Here are the criteria:

  • No springs allowed
  • metal scales for engravability
  • $125 or under.
  • under 3″ blade
  • gentleman’s styling/nothing tactical

What do you all suggest for a His and Hers knife pairing?

The Leek was nice because it came in different colors/patterns. For the purposes of this question the answer can be two of the same knife. The pairing was a bonus, not a requirement. Engravability and classiness are most important.


  1. cmeat says:

    two point enterprise has kershaw 3/4 ton knives for 6.99. they will add laser engraving for one dollar.

  2. stuartb says:

    … and with the money left over, a nice bottle of Scotch

  3. will do engraving as well. I am a fan of the Spyderco Dragonfly with the stainless steel handles.

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Question of the Day: His and Hers folders?

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