Question Of The Day: How Many Blades Do You Carry?

Image courtesy of David Andersen

I am a two knife kind of guy. For me, a multitool is too handy not to carry. I like having a tiny tool kit on my person for life’s little emergencies. Whether it is a big Leatherman, or a diminutive Swiss Army Knife, I am a fan. But that isn’t all I carry. Bladed multitools are an exercise in compromise, after all.

Most neither open one-handed or have any sort of safety lock, and also make-do with blade steels on the less expensive end of the spectrum. Some, such as the Leatherman Charge AL pictured above, do come with these features, but at the expense of weight and bulk, making it a bit unwieldy for precision knife work.

Image courtesy of David Andersen

Which is why I always pair my multitool with a dedicated, single-blade folder. Something that is nimble and comes with good steel, a solid safety lock, and the ability to open and close one-handed. As a bonus I always have a spare in case I lose one knife or it’s edge gets dull!

How about you? What blades and how many do you carry?


  1. Elcas says:

    i’m more a one blade guy

  2. RidetoShoot says:

    I usually carry two and sometimes three knives. I have a multitool on my belt when I am not dressed up for a fancy occasion and I always carry a larger 3.5″ assisted opening locking folder in my right pocket and a small 2″ locking folder in my left pocket (my social knife) that I can bring out without making people nervous. All of them I can open the blade(s) with one hand. I am surprised to see how often I use each of them.

    I also carry a small 10′ tape measure which I find very useful and I don’t see that often mentioned when people talk about their EDC items.

  3. stefo says:

    At work (electrician)- a large folder spyderco, benchmade or cold steel one hand opener in pocket, card knife in wallet, vitronix card knife in licenses wallet, CRKT peck in Tops Knives belt concealed pocket, CRKT seatbelt cutter on key chain, OC hobo kit in lunch bag with Gerber EZY out. Around 7 total! Outside of work probably only one!

  4. Roger says:

    1. My EDC. Goes between my waved Endura and Griptilian. Might throw a CS Hold Out 3 eventually.
    2. My Victorinox Farmer/Popular/Whatever Alox I’m feeling that day.
    3. Spyderco Bug.

  5. jwm says:

    Nowadays I usually only carry one when I’m out and about. Before I retired from my job I usually carried 2. A multi tool and an SAK.

    When I hunt I usually carry a fixed blade and a folder. The fixed blade is normally a Martiini Inox. Very close to a 3 inch blade but still a decent grip to hold onto. I prefer smallish blades with not smallish handles. Hard to find.

  6. Larry says:

    Always a one hander, Spyderco,Strider or Hinderer ,paired up with my Vic. Soldier .

  7. GC says:

    I don’t have a lot of available pocket space in the pants that I wear for work so I just carry one, rotating between a Spyderco Yojimbo 2 and an Extrema Ratio MF0. A Leatherman MUT and Tops pry knife live in my backpack for heavier jobs and emergencies.

  8. David says:

    I usually have a Brous Mini-Division flipper, a Kershaw Cryo, a Brous Silent Soldier, and either a Leatherman Micra or a Gerber Dime.

  9. Matt in FL says:

    I generally only have one knife on me, my Kershaw Chive, or Leek, once I get the spring fixed. Unless you count the Leatherman Micra on my keyring, but that truly is a “tool of last resort.”

  10. Marmot says:

    Benchmade Volli, Victorinox Cadet, Victorinox Classic. On hikes I add a Mora Bushcraft Black.

  11. Nathan says:

    I have a folder of good size, a multitool (usually Leatherman Wingman), and a Brous Silent Soldier V2

  12. Duncan Idaho says:

    Usually just one, my OD Mora Companion (I think, might be the Clipper). If I’m going shooting or something, I’ll put the Leatherman on my belt in addition to the Mora.

  13. It'sAlwaysRainyInPittsburgh says:

    At work (small scale/custom electronic manufacturing): my ancient Leatherman Wave, large Griptilian or 4″ CS Voyager clip in pocket, Victorinox super tinker, and occasionally a fixed blade (ESEE Izula or CS Canadian belt knife.

    When I’m off: Wave in my purse or backpack, purple Endura in pocket or waistband. Sometimes I’ll switch out for a pink Delica or a Recon 1 wharncliffe I made from a tanto.

  14. Sam L. says:

    Right pocket, , standard slip-joint 3-blader and a clipped locker (any of a bunch); Left pocket, none; belt, multitool. Jacket right, another locker; left, mini-multi-tool.

  15. DrewN says:

    At work I carry an Endura (because bright colors,lefty friendly, and disposable),a folding utility knife (for really disposable) and a multi tool. But I could care less if the multi tool had a knife or not. I’ve literally never used the blade on my Leatherman even once. I’d much rather have another tool than a knife blade.

  16. NavyRetGold says:

    Two knives, because, you know, I have two hands! Big assisted folder in the right rear pocket for quick draw – a Kershaw Blur, Benchmade Barrage, or ZT Combat Folder, depending on where I expect to be during the day. Big non-assisted folder in one of the front pockets, Enlan EL02B, Enlan EL08, Ganzo G704, etc. Sometimes three knives, a medium slip-joint folder in the other front pocket. Never go anywhere without a knife.

  17. VaqueroJustice says:

    Folder, multi-tool, and a neck knife.
    I like to be prepared.

  18. Ben says:

    I carry a folder for heavy utility and “self defense” and a large case trapper in CV that I keep every blade RAZOR sharp for picking splinters,trimming nails,cleaning small game etc. Off duty I carry a Bark River Bravo one and that is also sharp as all get out. I also usually have my CS pipe hawk or my newly acquired wetterlings Foresters fine axe. In my Wrangler I also have a small knife clipped to my seatbelt for emergency seatbelt or window panel cutting. So anywhere from 2 to 5 blades at any given time and more depending on location.

  19. EH says:

    One for the sheeple (Opinel 9, Case Large Stockman or SAK Trekker) and another for real work (Spyderco Manix 2XL DLC and soon an ESEE Izula II). Keep up the good work TTAK, greetings from Australia 🙂

  20. 2hotel9 says:

    EDC? 2, Buck 110 and Kershaw Vapor. If I am wearing pistol/utility belt I have KaBar, too.

  21. janklow says:

    just one: Spyderco Dragonfly III if it’s an office day, Spyderco Native III or Native 5 if it’s not.

  22. JamesB Knoxville says:

    I usually carry 3 blades: a Leatherman Juice, a SOG Blink in TiNi finish (because it is an awesome little assisted opener that fits perfectly in that little watch pocket of jeans and’d almost swear that little pocket was made for this knife), and a Victorinox Signature Lite Swiss Army knife on my key chain because it has a great little pen. And a light. Everything is better with a light.

    I really wish that Leatherman or Victorinox would let me custom design a knife online because none of their knives are exactly what I want. But I digress….

    1. David Andersen says:

      Sign me up for that as well!

  23. Dogman says:

    I usually carry (honest, I do) a Leatherman Micra (with one knife blade), a Large Case or Queen Stockman (with 3 blades) and a Large Queen or Medium Boker Congress (with 4 blades). Eight blades total. But sometimes I leave behind the Stockman and carry a Buck Vantage Pro or Benchmade Griptillian for a 6 blade day.

  24. Kansas Wind says:

    Just 2:

  25. Kansas Wind says:

    Cold Steel Recon Tanto
    Wenger Forrester

  26. Bill says:


    – A Bark River Mini Fox River with a 2.9-in fixed blade of 3V steel in a double-pouch pocket sheath (along with a Fenix P2D single CR-123A flashlight) — in my shirt or pants pocket.

    – A Swiss Tech Ultili-Key mini bladed multitool that has no problem getting past TSA — on my key chain.

  27. Bob says:

    Counting knife hands, three.

  28. sagebrushracer says:

    Spyderco Endura 4 lightwieght
    Gerber Artifact

  29. Evan B says:

    Usually 3 at a given time.
    I always have my Laguiole in my pocket regardless of dress.
    When i am out and about I usually have my Benchmade 710
    When I am working on the ranch a Leatherman Super tool goes with.
    An Opinel is in my jacket pocket.

  30. TZH says:

    2 blades

    Kershaw Cryo in my left pocket (because a Kel-Tec lives in the right) and a Leatherman Juice. the Leatherman gets most of the work, love this little thing.

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Question Of The Day: How Many Blades Do You Carry?

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