Question Of The Day: Is A Folding EDC Tomahawk Awesome? Or Silly?

Image courtesy Knifecenter.comHelp us out here: is this folding EDC tomahawk an awesome idea, worthy of a face-palming “why didn’t I think of that?” Or is about as brilliant as sock garters? And even if it turns out to be robust and reliable (which would be somewhat surprising) what on Earth would I possibly use it for?

Opening letters? Too big. Food prep? Wrong blade. Log splitting? Too small. Opening infernal blister packaging? Ahh, I think we’re on to something here!

Image courtesy Knife Center

It’s made with a 2.5-inch AUS-8 blade, 8-inch G-10 grips, a stainless steel lock, and steel ring-bolt fasteners. Ridiculously overbuilt for a 2.5 inch folding knife, but I’ll have to be convinced that the blade or handle can stand up to actual wood-chopping tasks.

Still, for only $39 it wouldn’t cost much to find out.

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  1. Jeff says:

    This sounds like a tool looking for a purpose. If I want a hawk, I’ll use a traditional one (my favorite) or another fixed handle like the various Vietnam style tactical models. I seriously doubt any folder can survive the abuse of chopping and prying I expect an axe to handle.

    If weight is an issue, I’ll just take a good solid fixed blade knife and baton with it. Unfortunately, this looks like another “tacticool” piece of junk.

  2. jwm says:

    The only advantage I can see to a folding hatchet is that while you’re hiking it leaves you with an extra layer of safety in case of a fall. No hatchet blade to cut you. I’ve had hatchet blades come thru their covers. Never cut myself that way, but it’s the only thing I can think a folder would have any use for.

  3. Sam L. says:

    I suspect the short-handled (8″? 9″? 10″ at the outside?) Gerber axe would be a better choice.
    My vote is for Silly.

  4. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Who comes up with this shit? I mean, is somebody intentionally trying to mock us? This isn’t silly, it’s insulting. From the link, “Tomahawks are trending.” WTF? This was designed by some trending social media wonks? Imagine the conversation in the shipping department.

    Hey, check this out, a folding tomahawk. What that? It doesn’t even look like a tomahawk? Who cares? Some dope in the fanatical knife culture will pony up the coin to be the first to have it. say it’s a joke, and who would be stupid enough to buy this piece of crap? Oh ya, well, we’ve sold 50 of them this morning. What were you saying about who would be stupid enough? Let’s hope nobody worth listening to, reviews this. At least, not before it’s finished trending. Bwaahahaha!

  5. Charlie Johnson says:

    I think I’d like it better if it had a slightly longer blade, minus the front edge portion, and a reliable Wave-type opener. The folding, locking kama I’ve always wanted!

  6. scubamatt says:

    I vote ‘Silly’ because ‘Stupid’ and ‘Garbage’ weren’t available.

    I’m completely with Out_Fang_Thief on this, what a piece of junk, and the ad copy is a joke. I especially liked the ‘feature’ that when properly gripped at the base, the users fingers won’t be in the path of the blade when it collapses during use…

    I’ll stick with an Estwing, Cold Steel, or even a Fiskars, thanks.

  7. travis m. says:

    Gerber tried to make a folding tomahawk, but moving parts and axes do not go together without a lot of expense.

  8. Mike B says:

    Good For Carry in Chicago? Maybe? Would it be legal? The blade is under 2.5 inches.

  9. Steelheart says:

    Overall I’ll go with Silly but I can think of less polite terms.

    The only slightly legitimate use I can think of, and it’s a bit out there, would be as a defensive tool for someone who’s already good with a tomahawk for carry in restrictive environments. But the number of people in this category are so small that it’s not worth building.

  10. Bob Damon says:

    Well, that’s not very useful.
    But maybe if someone like Warren Thomas created a Tomahawk folder, it might work.

    Actually, these American Kami Axes look like they could be made into folders.

  11. Mike Orlow says:

    It’s obviously not a heavy duty wood-craft tool, and possibly not even a self defense tool. It might work as a small baton, and the gear spikes on the back of the blade seem like they’d do a lot of damage, but the axe would be too slow to open for defense. To me, it seems like more of an emergency back up tool, or for light woodcraft if you don’t want to haul around a heavy axe or hatchet. It definitely is a light-weight light-work alternative. It kinda looks fun to throw, too. The main concern would be the strength of the lock, but if you’re holding the bottom of the handle for the most momentum, then the blade could not close on your fingers.

  12. NavyRetGold says:

    I am reluctant to wade into this puddle of mud, because all of these folding tomahawks, pocket choppers, etc. look a little too much like a solution in search of a problem, or just art in the form of a knife for no other reason. It must be getting really difficult to come up with something original nowadays.

    BTW, that Warren Thomas model 12 folder really caught my eye! That is, until I saw that it was made out of some high tech paper-mache’… Aluminized carbon fiber bonded to titanium… WTF is that? If that thing were a S30v blade in a titanium handle, I would be mucho interested. I note that he doesn’t even post the prices so I’ll assume that the “If you gotta ask” rule applies here.

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Question Of The Day: Is A Folding EDC Tomahawk Awesome? Or Silly?

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