Question of the Day: Is your EDC situation dependent?

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On any given day I carry some permutation of these as my EDC blade(s).

I was getting ready to go out this evening, and as I was changing, I took stock of what blade I wanted to bring with me. It was a bit of a legal grey area where I was going, so I opted for my Benchmade MiniGriptilian as an inside pocket carry.

Most days I have taken to carrying two knives. First I EDC either the Grip or my Spyderco Native S30V. These are my everyday functional knives. As a general rule it unneccesairly startles folks who don’t know me if I suddenly produce a neck-knife or 4.5″ fixed blade. An EDC folder is sufficient for 95% of what most of us encounter on a daily basis. Which of the two folders I am carrying is simply a matter of convenience. I often leave one or the other in the basement bathroom, still clipped to my pants or shorts when I shower at night. Given the choice I grab the Grip, for reasons I will explain when I get around to writing a formal review.

Most days I also carry the Kim Breed Model 15 in a horizontal IWB sheath. I know I should carry a CCW if defense is a concern, but when I am schlepping a 3 and 5 yo it is often left at home because it is one more thing to be thinking of, and I find I do a worse job caring for my kids if I am hyper-aware of the fact I am carrying. Personal choice. Debatable logic. But the Model 15 is actually a knife with defensive chops, even if I am most often using it for tasks that are simply burlier than a pocket-clipped folder can handle.

The CRKT Folts Minimalist is my backup knife when I am guiding. Since I have my Mora on my belt, and I don’t like to rely on the pockets of nylon pants to retain the clip of the Spydy or the Benchmade when I am climbing over rocks and streams. They do fine with canvas or cotton pockets though.

So I make a decision on what to carry based on the legalities of where I am going as well as what I am planning to do. Unless it is a government building I am usually willing to bend the rules a bit rather than leave a knife in the car. I am counting on my discretion in not letting it be seen, and on the TN culture that says that no one really cares if you have a knife. Guns have a lot more psychological baggage. I have picked my kids up from school (parochial not public and thus less hoplophobic and more likely to give me a warning) on my way back from the river and forgotten to remove my Mora and no one said anything. The teachers know what I do for a living. I don’t bother removing a pocket clipped EDC. In 2 years no one has ever said anything about that.

So my questions are these:

Do you change your carry knife for the anticipatied outlook of your day? Or do you carry the same knife 100% of the time? What factors (legality, anticpated use, etc.) do you consider when selecting your knife or knives for the day?


  1. Jonathan says:

    In a word: Yes. If I am going to work with dress pants, I favor a thinner folding EDC. However, I have found that a Spyderco Tuff is workable with my wool pants. On a casual day, I might carry a fixed blade or a bigger folders. For example, a Brous Blades Threat (Fixed 3.7 inch D2 steel) or a Zero Tolerance 0200.

    To further complicate matters, I am considering getting a Joe Watson Pikal fixed blade for defensive use, and use a smaller folder or small multi-tool for EDC use. Additionally, sometimes I hunt and I am looking at the Bark River Rising Wolf. As my taste in knives becomes more refined, I see the need to have the right tool for the job.

  2. Bill J says:

    My first EDC was an Opinel #7. For the $ and intended use,in my humble opinion, it was the ideal knife. I think I spent $8 on it. Generally used for mundane tasks where a blade is handy. Last fall I purched a RAT 2 and put away the trusty #7. The RAT 2 is more “beefy” than the Opinel and I carry it clipped inside my pocket. It is visible, but no one in my office has ever commented about it. So far it has been a great EDC. Being who I am, I am still hesitant to buy a higher $ knife for and EDC as I cannot justify the expense. The RAT 2 cost me $28 and if I lost it I wouldn’t feel as bad as loosing a $100+ knife. Also, I feel that there is minimal to no difference in the functionality of a well built inexpensive knife vs. a well made expensive knife. This is just my personal preference.

  3. Terry Warlock says:

    I gotta ask, can you take a pic of the Kim Breed when it’s IWB? It’s hard for me to imagine that long knife oriented horizontally being comfortable anywhere, hah!

    (I’m also researching ways to carry a small fixed blade and am really just curious how you do it)

  4. Robert says:

    You only carry one knife? 😉

  5. The Mayor of Candor says:

    No matter what I’m wearing I always have my Spyderco Paramilitary 2 clipped inside an empty front pocket and either the Spyderco Civilian or Matriarch 2 clipped inside the waistband between fly and pocket. The Para 2 takes care of all my general knife duties and the other is last ditch defense.

  6. GC says:

    My EDC choice is dictated mainly by my clothes and their ability to accommodate and hide the knife. At the office, because I don’t have a lot of pocket real estate I carry a small folder. When I’m outdoors exercising I have a small fixed blade like a Tops Raven X on my belt that gets hidden by the end of my t-shirt. If it’s cargo pants I step it up to an Extrema Ratio RAO large folder.

  7. Senna Marpat says:

    If I’m going to work, I carry one of a several 4″ cold steel folders and a Leatherman Wave in my purse. Occasionally I’ll throw a fixed blade in for some specific task that day. I use a Buck Vanguard once in awhile for shaping a polymer we have that is similar to oak in toughness. Normally, I carry a waved FFG Endura in my waistband or a Delica if I really have to be super discreet. You can clip that thing anywhere. Defensive purposes are usually covered by a CCW. If my outfit is too form fitting for any gun (I hate summer), I’ll still have a blade on body and something meaner in my bag.

  8. Jim Bullock says:

    Quick answer, “Yes.”

    I switch my pocket folder from a “good enough” 3.5″ in rt front pants pocket, to a <3" Spyderco in a suit or sport coat pocket, when dressed for work meetings. I can get either in use quickly & discretely with one hand.

    The other pocket-carry stuff goes into the computer bag when I'm looking like a "suit." Net I'll have 2x multi-tools that include knife blades, a couple mini-lights, a small, very-sharp blade in the med stuff (along with its own light), and one of the smaller swiss army knives for the corkscrew, because wine is a survival necessity.

    Kidding aside, I'm not gearing up for some sort of confrontation, mainly, but rather for a "car accident in the middle of nowhere"-equivalent situation.

  9. Larry says:

    Sure at work I carry pretty much whatever I want,tonight’s its a blue Spyderco Spyderhawk and an oft auto,at the gym a Delica,most other times and most times at work a XM 18 .

    Then there is deer season ….

  10. Jonathan says:

    Nope. I have a single EDC (Emissary 3.5) that I carry everywhere. Large enough to be comfortable and useful, but small enough to meet legal standards across the state, and I just don’t like carrying a huge knife in my pocket anyway.

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Question of the Day: Is your EDC situation dependent?

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