Question of the Day: Texans, are you tooling up differently today?

Tennessee Knife Freedom Day was July 1, 2014. Knives over 4″ like my Kim Breed, and automatics like the Gerber Propel became legal to carry in my adopted home state.

September 1, 2015: Happy Texas Knife Freedom Day!

Today is the day that the draconian and hoplophobic local knife restrictions get thrown out and state-level knife law preemption goes into effect. Cities such as San Antonio and Corpus Christie were among the top 10 worst knife law cities in the USA, no more.

I am curious to see which cities climb onto the list now that 2 slots have opened up. We will bring you the updated list when we see it. Do you live in a non-preemption state and do you think your city will make the list?

Thanks to and others, Texans no longer need to fear running afoul of patchwork laws that are meaningless in preventing crime. Knife Laws cause crime – they magically create criminals when otherwise law-abiding citizens cross a line on a map.

Only (edit HCA)    Blade-length restrictions (>5.5″ blades)  still apply statewide in Texas. Switchblades were legalized in 2013 (Editors note: I was factually incorrect with regards to dirks/stilettos/double edged blades which are also still prohibited. There is apparently ambiguity regarding “bowie” vs “Bowie” knives.. It is worth restating that I am not a lawyer, and you should refer questions to one in your jurisdiction. – please read more in the comments)  

I celebrated Tennessee Knife Freedom Day (July 1, 2014) by beginning to carry my Kim Breed Model 15 on a near-daily basis (at 4.5″ it was verbooten if one “wasn’t engaged in legal sporting activites”). I have been able to own, test, and carry the Gerber Propel Auto because of the changes to TN knife laws.

If you are a Texan, are you tooling up differently today?

If you are not, is there a knife you are prevented from carrying in the city or state you live in?

In either case, have you joined yet? 


  1. Grindstone says:

    Is there a handy place to find state knife laws? I don’t even know what mine are, though I don’t carry anything big.

    1. KnifeRights has an app called Legal Blade on Android and iOS. I think it still costs $1.99, but I have found it invaluable.

  2. Heartland Patriot says:

    This article is wrong. Texas state laws prohibit the carry of dirks, daggers, stilettos, poniards, and bowie knives regardless of length. Notice the b in bowie is not capitalized. If a police officer thinks it looks wrong, you can be arrested because the law doesn’t say Bowie, which is a specific type of large knife. Still, lots better than several other states like New York and California.

    1. I take umbrage with calling the article “wrong”. In my case using “only” was the wrong word, since corrected. I had forgotten about double edged blades. I cop to the mistake. Good catch, thanks.

      However, there is no such thing as a sub 5.5″ bowie knife. A Buck 119 at 6″ would be illegal due to length, and that is about the closest common knife that I can think of to a bowie that none of us would try to argue is actually one. The smaller, 4″ Buck 102 is a similar shape, but so what? Using your standard, any fixed blade clip point would be illegal, regardless of size.

      A true Bowie was more of a short sword than a knife. Modern interpretation is smaller, but still invariably over 6″ in length. If a knife is under 5.5″ it is not “bowie” which isn’t even a thing as far as I am concerned. It is a clip point hunter. Don’t be a dick to cops.

      If _that_ was all I was charged with and completely innocent of _anything_ else, I would fight it to my last penny. I would let KnifeRights use me as the test case in challenging an unConstitutionally vague statute in exactly the same way that they are doing in NYC.

      I neglected to toss in our usual disclaimer in the piece, again subsequently remedied) about not being a lawyer and that you should consult one in your local jurisdiction if you are concerned.

  3. KnifeRights posted this on FaceBook, someone in the media actually does a good job of explaining the story.

    Apparently, assists and autos make for good video.

  4. Bob G says:

    Yesterday I carried a Mercator K55 “Cat” knife — a lockback. This was illegal in San Antonio until yesterday. Light, flat, with a good lock and a thin blade, I think the “Cat” knife is a great EDC folder, and it’s now legal in the Alamo City.

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Question of the Day: Texans, are you tooling up differently today?

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