Question of the Day: What are your other hobbies?

I have no shame in admitting that TTAK is a bit of a niche blog. It is safe to call many of those who would read a blog dedicated to knives and knife culture to be “knife hobbiests”. We all EDC (as far as I can tell), and connect with the tradition and history of one of man’s oldest tools. I am certainly spending more time playing with and thinking about knives these days than I ever imagined I would. However, this is only one of the many (too many if you ask my wife) hobbies in which I engage.

Most nights I spend an hour or two in my workshop. I may be writing, testing, tying flies, or just sitting in a chair by the stove watching football. Tonight I started on my Christmas presents – toolbox-style six-pack carriers. Woodworking is actually the angle I used to get in on the ground floor of TTAK when I submitted my Tormek Sharpening System review. There are many ways to sharpen a knife, but the Tormek is absolutely unrivaled when it comes to sharpening plane blades and chisels.


I made this serving tray for my wife last year. It is probably my finest work to date.

Knives go hand in hand with many of my other hobbies as well. Obviously edged tools are an integral part of fly-fishing and tying as well as hiking, camping, hunting and shooting. I consider myself an above-average home cook, and put my Wustof Classic knives through their paces on a regular basis. I have multiple knives (and an axe and machete) on me when I take my Jeep out rock-crawling. I even did a little flint-knapping as a grad student in Anthropology.

What are your other hobbies? They don’t have to be knife related.


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  1. Roger says:

    I shoot guns. Love blackpowder and hand loading. I’m an above average leather crafter and I’ve helped out teaching a friend’s Boy Scout troop all about leather. I’m a middling wood worker. And a soon to be published author.

  2. PeterK says:

    Programming (if it wasn’t my current job)
    LEGO (when my kids are bigger, haha)
    Video Games

    What I WANT to be my hobbies is machining and 3d printing. 🙂

  3. I_Like_Pie says:

    Teaching & long distance Running/Biking

    1. I would love a guest post on your bike kit. What are your essential tools for an ultra compact space? That sort of thing.

      Do you carry a knife running?

      1. I_Like_Pie says:

        When I get time I will take an inventory and give you some pics. Would probably be a good writeup.

        Basically a leatherman for the pack, bunch of mini bike tools, and a kershaw scrambler in my pocket. Love, love, love my maxpedition man purses.

        Short distance a flashlight or pepper spray
        Long distance is a fanny pack with phone, water, food, and sometimes Ruger LCP

  4. Sam L. says:

    Scouting. Used to fence; hope to again.

  5. Sean says:

    Like a lot of you probably, i am into guns. I was on the skeet and trap club when i was in college (a few years ago) but have since stopped shooting regularly due to not having a club nearby (or much time to do so.)

    Other than knives, i really enjoy a great cigar and would like it if there were a nice cigar club where i live. Im into craft beer which isn’t really a hobby, but i do homebrew every now and again. Something that i would like to do more often.

    sounds like you guys have some cool hobbies too.

  6. Nathan says:

    I enjoy craft beer and cooking. I make the occasional jaunt from Laramie down to Fort Collins and Boulder to indulge my libations at the breweries there. Other than that I don’t have much free time

  7. Jon M. says:

    Guns and shooting are a huge hobby for me.

    I’m an above average home cook, and what started as a necessity to save money and eat healthier is now something I enjoy, surprisingly.

    The other fun pursuits I enjoy when I have the time (rarely) is Geocaching and tabletop gaming.

    And knives of course!

  8. Jeff O. says:

    Camping, backpacking, fishing, archery, hunting. Leather working (holsters and sheaths, mostly). Wood working (I make bows). Reading (military sci-fi, Christian non-fiction). Cooking (especially while camping and backpacking). Ham radio. Movies.

    I’ve been trying to cut back, but I finally decided that what I really need to do is find a way to make a bazillion dollars and retire early so I can enjoy all my hobbies!

  9. David J says:

    Civil War re-enacting, guns, history, and whatever my nine year old son is currently into. I’m presently looking for a “period” appearing knife (not a Bowie knife though) to use while re-enacting.

  10. Jon says:

    Kayaking, mostly flatwater, but some ocean as well. Woodworking, have built two kayak paddles and a kayak. Reading, drawing, 3D CAD modeling and graphic design.

  11. Dave the Jeffersonian says:

    I teach Archery at our local club as well as CAD and 3D Printing for out local Middle and High School.

    I am a Makers and a Maker of other Makers. I deeply believe in getting to the kids and letting them learn how to make stuff rather than just buy it.

  12. Raina Collins says:

    Shooting and firearms, dance (both the act of it and working with dance troupes), reading (sci-fi, fantasy, history), hiking, exploring the tri state area by car or on foot, historical house restoration and preservation, old school Nintendo gaming. Whatever else strikes my fancy, which can be quite a lot.

  13. Robert D says:

    So, yes I’m a knife guy and also a gun guy and a Scouter, hunter, fisherman, cook etc.

    I like Meat. Using pork, beef, venison or all in combination I have made jerky, sausage, bacon and other smoked and non-smoked products.

    Last weekend we had a family dinner and I served my latest project.

    It was a 10 day process, and now I have officially “corned” a brisket.

    We ate it Coned Beef and Cabbage style for Sunday dinner and followed it up with Rubens on Monday night. Life is Good…

    1. Yum. I had what passes for corned beef in TN for lunch today. On something that doesn’t pass as a bagel in any municipality

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Question of the Day: What are your other hobbies?

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