Question of the Day: What else is in your EDC Kit?


This clip contains everything Gizmodo author Wes Siler needs for most situations he encounters.

It isn’t a great leap on my part to assume that the overwhelming majority of the readers of a knife blog EDC a blade of some sort. We have covered the topic on several occasions. However, as useful as a knife is, it is not the right tool for every occasion. Gizmodo writer Wes Siler recently gave folks a look at the assortment of tools he carries on a daily basis.

Wes’s key-ring/clip cost him $50 all told and seems like a reasonably comprehensive kit. The cornerstone of his EDC tools is a small Leatherman Style PS multitool. While it does not have a blade (strangely, the article makes no mention of a knife whatsoever), it does have pliers, wire cutters, scissors, flathead screwdriver, tweezers and a carabiner bottle-opener combination. According to Wes, this TSA compliant (no knife) multitool is far and away the most frequently used tool on the ring.

His kit also contains a small flashlight- an iTP A3 EOS, a Gerber Shard mini-prybar, a whistle, about 18″ of duct tape, and interestingly but obviously useful large safety pin.

Wes’s article goes into detail about why he has chosen these tools and gives examples of when they prove useful.

photo (21)

While there are other items in my car and truck, this is the bare-bones kit that I am never without.

In my case, the items that I EDC on my person are my Benchmade Griptillian Jr (usually, though there are other knives that rotate through), a small SOG Keychain knife, homemade paracord bracelet, prying tool, and a bandanna. Bandannas are useful as an emergency bandage, sun protection, a handkerchief, it can be used to fasten a splint, or any number of other tasks. While it is by no stretch a disease preventing CPR microshield, it will screen vomit when giving rescue breaths (it is a virtual certainty that a person receiving CPR will regurgitate their stomach contents) which is better than nothing. I do carry a true microshield and first aid kit in my truck.

The prying tool is a small wrought iron leaf that was made by a blacksmith at the Gambier Folk Festival in 1996 as a demonstration piece.  Its tip has been used as a screwdriver in a pinch, it can open bottles, and has proven itself useful for over a decade.

I like the idea of carrying a little bit of duct tape (Wes wraps about 18″ around a piece of cord), the uses for which are limitless. Technically I can also count the flashlight on my phone, though reading the article will probably motivate me to add a keychain flashlight in the near future as they have a much longer battery life and are purpose specific.A large safety pin seems like a no-brainer as well.

What items (other than your knife), are a part of your EDC Kit?



  1. Roger says:

    I carry the same flashlight. I’m looking to upgrade a bit because you only really get 96 lumens for about five minutes on a brand new battery then there’s a noticeable drop. Luckily there’s a lot of competition in this market. Besides my light and my spacepen, I carry a knife and that’s it for EDC except when I carry a multitool and gun(hiking or traveling).

    I have an emergency bag in my car with 100′ of duct tape, first aid, food, insulating blankets, various tools, and other supplies in the trunk of my car and a spare knife and multitool in the glovebox.

  2. Nathan says:

    The better question is: what don’t I carry? I have my primary folder, a small fixed blade (usually Brous Silent Soldier V2), Leatherman Wingman, wallet, phone, pen and sharpie, a Streamlight ProTac 2AAA, and my keychain, which has, in addition to my keys, a 4-Sevens Mini-123 and a Vic Classic with a little shamrock on it. When I’m at work I also carry a box cutter.

  3. Pashtun6 says:

    My main knife is a Benchmade Mini Presidio Ultra, I have a Leatherman multi tool I carry in my go bag and that’s about it, in my vehicle I have a gerber instant but I don’t really buy into the notion of carrying more than one knife on me

  4. It'sAlwaysRainyInPittsburgh says:

    Aside from my EDC folder and a firearm,I don’t usually carry much on body, save for chapstick or my keys clipped to a belt loop. In my purse, I have a first gen Leatherman Wave, a blue sharpie (I like being able to write on any surface), pen, paperclips in various sizes (lock picking, wiring things together), bandaids, an ESEE Izula, Fenix PD32 flashlight, Streamlight Microstream, spare 17 or 19 round mag, and sometimes a Victorinox Super Tinker, mainly for the scissors. Along with personal items and cosmetics, it can be a lot, and I sometimes cut that down quite a bit. If it’s a day when I cannot carry on body, some kind of gun is in the bag.

  5. Tom in Oregon says:

    Besides a good folder, today it was a spyderco, my keychain has a P-38 can opener, a small fire starter and a small LED light.
    Oh, and a dime with a .308″ hole in it.
    Go bag can sustain me for at least 2 days, maybe more.

  6. DrewN says:

    What I really want is a modular leatherman style tool. Let ME choose the tools I want and the ability to configure it lefty or righty. And give it the ability to accept common replacement type blades (ie jigsaw, sawzall etc.) and regular bits. I love the hammer/hook knife/carabiner on my MUT, but the rest of the tool doesn’t help me at work.

    1. ShakyZeg says:

      Modular Leatherman – Man, I’ve been wanting one of those for years!
      I wish they just offered them in a configuration that can be user modified, and sold the components on their website. I would love to be able to remove the knife and install something else that would be TSA compliant. Besides, I already carry a knife…

  7. Ducky says:

    I’m a Database and Telecom Administrator (computer geek) so the only non knife non gun edc that I keep are a 128GB flash drive with all the tools I use on a daily basis. I also used a card printer to print out an ethernet/crossover pinout diagram and keep it in my wallet.

  8. Beau Frectum says:

    I carry a prybar (tool steel version from CountyComm), Valiant Concepts pen, rotating EDC knife, split pea lighter, Leatherman Squirt, gun & mag, and Quantum DD flashlight. The Quantum is an awesome little light. It is a twist on/off with variable output. The really nice thing is that it comes with a rechargeable battery (a tiny LiIon), USB charger, and you can order it with a couple of tritium inserts for finding it in the dark. An extra battery is also so small it is easy to carry in a pill fob or coin purse.

    Oh yeah, I also carry a coin purse. Very useful not just for coins, but also for small things like doll accessories and legos. I am not a creep, I have a three year old girl.

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Question of the Day: What else is in your EDC Kit?

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