Question of the Day: What is your best warranty experience?

Leatherman warranty

I was surfing Reddit and came across someone who was so pleased with his experience with Leatherman warranty customer service, that he posted the above letter online.

Earlier this year, I had to send my Kershaw Leek back to KAI for repair or replacement. I had damaged it during the course of testing. I was batoning, which is a little much to ask of a small EDC folder, but the D2 blade held up wonderfully. However, I need to admit that Spencer was right in this instance, and I damaged a perfectly good knife.

The warranty experience was painless and I received what I believe to be a new knife within several weeks. You can specify if you require your specific knife back for sentimental reasons, and they attempt to fix it for you if possible.

Overall,  I am quite pleased with my experience, and am comfortable recommending Kershaw as a company that stands by its products.

Have you ever had to send a knife back for service or replacement? How was your experience?


  1. I sent back my Benchmade Mini griptilian a few months ago. Through use the axis lock had completely worn out. You could close the knife simply by wrist flicking it.

    Sent it to them, and a few weeks later got it back all fixed up with a new factory edge on it, and a new pocket clip.

  2. sagebrushracer says:

    got a box of stuff with a broken leatherman juice. didn’t give it a second thought. My cousin snagged it, and did a warranty exchange on it without me even noticing it was gone. Gave me the new leatherman wingman they sent to replace it! I pack it daily and use it often.

  3. AmbulanceMonkee says:

    I have an older CRKT folder and I managed to snap the stud off the LAWKS device. I called them up asking if they could send me a new LAWKS wafer for it. Customer service said parts are no longer available for my model, and gave me the option of having them replace the knife. I paid $15 on clearance for it, but they offered to exchange for another knife up to $60. I declined the offer, since I’m rather attached to this knife. So instead, CRKT send me a bag of brass and teflon washers so I could find the right combination to occupy the space left by LAWKS device and use the knife with just the liner lock. Also included in the package was a card with a discount code for 50% off the purchase price of three CRKT products on their site. The code is good for the next three years.

  4. Grindstone says:

    Only broken knives I have are cheap Chinese clones. Never had a real-deal break yet. Of course I don’t do things like baton wood with a 3″ knife.

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Question of the Day: What is your best warranty experience?

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