Question of the Day: What would you ask a video-game artist/weapons-designer?

Earlier this year I wrote about complex 3-D renderings of historically-based weapons, in that case focusing on a pistol/axe mashup. While examples of the item did in fact exist, the beautiful example in the piece was just an artist’s vision and not a physical object.

I have a friend who works for UbiSoft, one of the larger video-game studios, probably most noted for their Assassin’s Creed series. Many of their games feature a wide variety of melee weapons, and I thought learning about the design process for fictional weapons might be an interesting rabbit-hole to dive down.

My friend spoke with a member of the design team for their new game, For Honor, a war-game pitting Knights, Samurai, and Vikings against each other in a battle royale, and that person agreed to do an email interview for us.

I teased the possibility of this interview in the pistol/axe piece, and reader Jake responded with the following:

I would ask him when designing a weapon what factors are most important to the design.

1)Cool factor
2)Would it work in the real world
3)Fitting the characters personality
4)or fitting the overall theme/time period of the game

Also it would be interesting to hear his opinion on people making real world replicas. I have seen both amazing and cringe-worthy examples.

I think those questions are great. He nails it with the “how important is real-world utility?” question.I have a few of my own:

  • Do you have real-world experience with the weapons that inspire your creations?
  • Were you an artist first, or a fan of weapons?
  • Do you have a design in your head for a specific weapon that you are waiting to use when the right project comes along?
  • Where is the fantasy/reality balance point for you?

I will keep thinking on this, but I would like to open the floor to you all.

What would you ask a video-game weapons designer?


  1. Nail nick says:

    Id ask is that a real job ?

    1. boardsnbikes says:

      The game industry is real. US 2015 computer and video games sales was $16.5 billion. Compare that to the North America 2015 movie industry revenue of $11 billion. I assume the pay is real, and not in Mt. Dew and Doritos.

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Question of the Day: What would you ask a video-game artist/weapons-designer?

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