Question of the Day: What would your question of the day be?

meta2Ok, this is kind of a meta question. However, Questions of the Day are among my favorite posts. Not only because I actually am curious myself, but also because they foster a great deal of reader feedback. I have said it before, but the comments that our readers leave mean more to me than the stipend I receive for running the blog. I genuinely find the answers interesting, and have enjoyed learning more about all of you all and your knife interests and experiences.

So I am asking you all for some ideas of what you would like to see discussed. When I write a QOD, I like to add a personal story or news item that is also relevant to the question being asked and will certainly do so for your questions as well. I have a couple of questions in the queue for this week, but can always use more. They also provide me with new avenues for research into longer pieces.

If you could ask a question of the day of your fellow readers, what would it be?


  1. tirod says:

    When you read the 2A and it says “keep and bear arms” do you understand that it includes edged arms, too?

    Our founding fathers had more knives on them than guns in the house.

    Read it this way: “Keep and bear weapons,” then ask are why are we passing so much legislation to outlaw a knife for two edges or over 6″ in length.

    Ex. MO law allows carrying an AR pistol concealed if licensed – and therefore, now under state law, carried openly. But a two inch push dagger, only if openly carried. It’s still punishable under the law to conceal it. You’d go to jail for that – and lose your right to use a firearm, too.

    Our laws are not well thought out and do not make sense.

    Our founding fathers knew THEY were the only police around and were armed accordingly, with what they choose to be effective. Short swords, hangers, daggers, knives, push daggers, were all openly sold and used. All these types existed long before firearms were considered as reliable as a flintlock pistol.

    We need to get out of the mindset that the 2A only discussed firearms – if we want to read it fully, we need to consider fully what was being used. It meant weapons, not just guns, and we aren’t giving it it’s full due.

    Thereby throwing away our rights to knives, which are all that are left if they take guns away. And – they have. In all too many jurisdictions and it’s all for nothing.

  2. bastiches says:


    If you could only take 3 edged tools with you on a camping trip / walkabout / etc, which three would they be?

  3. http://www./ says:

    Good thing the money's going to the publishing agencies instead of directly to the artists. Otherwise, there might be "hell" to pay, if you know what I mean.Oh wait.

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Question of the Day: What would your question of the day be?

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