Question of the Day: What’s the Longest You’ve Been “Nekkid”?


I was originally going to ask “Do you feel naked without a knife?”, but I figured that would be too easy. I imagine that folks who feel strongly enough about the subject to be reading a knife blog would clock in somewhere near 100% in the “yes” column. I just returned from a week-long trip to visit family in Holland. As wonderful as the country and people are, they are hopelessly hoplophobic. Knife laws in Holland (which I will cover in another post) are even worse than those our New Jersey brethren have to deal with . . .

Since I didn’t want to accidentally run afoul of the law in a foreign country, I made the difficult decision to leave my blades at home. I did carry a Combat Ready Knives M-4 Tactical Pen, though, as a weapon of last resort in the unlikely event I would need it.

I have a Tennessee Carry Permit, but for various personal reasons I don’t carry my CCW at all times, though I understand the philosophy and mindset of those who do. Since I spent the first 30+ years of my life not carrying a gun, I don’t experience that same naked feeling without it. However, I carry at least one knife at all times where it is legal. It’s been at least seven years since I considered doing it somewhere knives are forbidden (cough).

Regardless, this week-long period was the longest that I’ve been without a knife since I was about 12. The feelings I had ranged from annoyed (needing to open packaging) to vulnerable (walking around Amsterdam). What is the longest you have been “nekkid” without your blade?


  1. Matt in FL says:

    A day. Two at the most. Carrying a knife, for utility, not protection, is a daily deal for me. Has been since Boy Scouts.

  2. ChuckN says:

    Only times I am without knife is on a flight. Rarely do I go anywhere
    without atleast a hardwood yawara though.

  3. the last Marine out says:

    I carried a knife every since i was 6 , and only without during 4 days jury duty.

  4. jwm says:

    My worst stretch of being knifeless was working at the prison. For a year I carried nothing stabby or bangy while I was working. Sucked. Only job I ever had where I wanted to burn my clothes at the end of each shift.

    To steal a line from Richard Pryor,”Thank God we got prisons!”

  5. Colby says:

    10 weeks in Ukraine and 5 weeks in Russia are the first and second longest periods of time in my adult life I’ve been without an EDC knife.

  6. Nate says:

    I generally have one on me except when I am in the shower. I edc at college and even around cities that don’t let you carry (Sacramento). I haven’t had to go to the courthouse or airport lately, so I got lucky there

    1. Christian says:

      Never had a problem in Sacramento…. PD is cool if you carry as long as its for utility, not SD.

  7. Robert Farago says:

    I was knifeless in the UK for 18 years. In theory.

  8. DBeans says:

    Every day I feel naked. I live in jersey so no gun, no knives. Actually I don’t know what the laws Are here, maybe you guys could help me figure that out. I bring a small box cutter to work and was looking to upgrade to an actual knife maybe a mora, but didn’t want jail time hell I might be breaking the law now!

    1. Chris Dumm, managing editor of TTAK has been doing a great series on each state’s knife laws.

      As a resident of the slave state of New Jersey, basically – you’re screwed.

  9. Bryan P says:

    4-6 hours on a flight would be the most. The only other time I have been without is 2-3 hours in a court house for a previous employer.

  10. JAS says:

    Only time was after 911 in flights and now I don’t fly.

  11. Bob says:

    8 hour flight + a weekend visiting family in *shudder* California(LA)

  12. 0351 says:

    The longest stretch I’ve gone in recent memory without would be a flight overseas, where I promptly bought one there. I tend not to go anywhere I can’t at least have a knife. Besides, they’re so dammed useful.

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Question of the Day: What’s the Longest You’ve Been “Nekkid”?

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