Question of the Day; Which knife are you?

Just like on one of those personality blog tests about which is your spirit animal, I want to know what is your spirit knife. If you broke down your personality, character and capabilities into knife form, what would you be?

Are you an old trusty carbon steel fixed blade or a modern tactical folder with the latest technologies and materials?

Personally I would view myself as a large stockman slipjoint folder.

The large stockman is in my opinion the epitome of a jack of all trades, do everything, work knife. They usually aren’t fancy, they get beat to heck and they work when they need to and sometimes, just like life they bite you back

With their three different blades, large handle and overall comfy design there isn’t a job out there that can’t be done with a large Stockman. Being a home inspector/project manager for a pest control company is very much about being able to multitask, work with the tools that you have on hand, and being a jack of all trades.

If you were a knife, which knife would you be? be as specific as possible. 







  1. Robert H says:

    I like classic lines with modern materials. This sums up my personal style as well. Function and simple utility are paramount. After all, knives are tools first. Give me a modern crucible steel all day long though, but classic handle materials like a nice burl put a smile on my face. Currently a Lionsteel TRE g10 folder sits in my pocket with an olive G10 handle. It’s a dedicated flipper instead of all the fancy removable thumb studs and flipper on the original T.R.E

  2. Gary F says:

    I rely on my Spyderco Native 5 in CPM S35VN. I like a knife that folds and clips, but one I can also open and close with either hand. Very functional and gets used every day….

  3. Sam L. says:

    I’m a Scot by heritage, thrifty to cheap by nature, so carbon-steel Opinel #6 or #8, or a carbon steel Morakniv.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Id be a Bark River Lightweight Bravo 1 on 3V in green micarta. Blend of new and old school.

  5. cmeat says:

    an older flint chrome vanadium steak knife with the half- tang and the riveted wood handles. kinda loose, not too sharp, sorta dull, classic lines and fairly cheap. made in the rust belt. like me.
    because steak!

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Question of the Day; Which knife are you?

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